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I believe I may be a werewolf (i know this sounds crude) but a year ago i had a dream that i went outside and got chased be were creatures... and I sleep walk ALOT so I believe I did go outside! and when I woke up I had scratches on me and scars that just magically appeared on my shoulders out of nowhere! ever since then I have acted ALOT different lately Im having dreams that im outside running on all fours with 2 or 3 other were's with me. a few nights ago all i wanted to do was go outside and run around well when I woke up the next morning my whole room was thrashed!!! i found cd's broken chairs on their sides cd's with bite marks taken out of them etc etc! I have also been having blood lust and such and i am acting more animalistic im not sure if i really am a werewolf or if i am suffering from lycanthrope please help anyone!!!

Odn't worry, there are other werewolves here. Talk to Full Moons Rock, but I don't really see what you can do about it. After all, theres not really any way to turn back.


tahnx 4 the heads up i just dont want to kill anyone but the urge to feed is stronger hell last week a ate 10 sausages 2 pounds of turkey and a bunch of other meatey things and i dont even like sausage and ive never ever ate that much in my life! even when i fill up on stuff im still hungry for blood and meat and when i get the scent of someone i catch my self stalking them and i even caught myself panting a few days ago when it was really hot out

I don't know your age, but you ound like a child to me. (No offense).

     If you are, tell your parents. They will probably not believe you, but unless you want to kill someone, you should tell them. If not, then you should get as far away from people as possble, or at least try to only eat deer or cows and such.

maggot man:
He's not a were,just a kid suffering from a bad case of lycanthropy. As in the mental condition where the afflicted thinks he's an animal of some kind.


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