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Graphic nightmares constantly

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I actually stumbled upon this group accidentally, and thought why not give it a try?
Its sort of my last attempt since I'm sort of at my wits end.
I have Extreme nightmares, not here and there- but almost every night.
Starting at the age of around 5 I woke up next to my mother and saw a large slightly glowing but see through figure of an old man. He was covered in a large old cloak and held a "Sythe" like weapon, another flying creature that was very bright floated by his shoulder. This lasted a good 20 or so minutes, I kept looking, then hiding, looking..hiding.. He never went away and just stared. I suffer from sleep paralysis and Doctors seem to think thats when hallucinations started, but it was very different from any paralysis or sleep walking hallucinations I've had.

I would say around sometime that same age I started having nightmares- at first they were more clowns chasing people, chopping them up but then they dulled and came back later at the age of 11ish and were severe. They would usually be of dead people, murdering, apocalyptic sort of dreams. One where a little girl was very angry with me and even would yell at me to kill myself, and they got worse from there. I'm now 18 and constantly have dreams of vampires, war, the beginning/end of human kind, the end of the world, zombies, alien like creatures, werwolves viruses spreading ending the human race, finding family members mutilated, watching people being tortured, having to kill others to survive, finding my pets mutilated, but I would say most common is a "End of the world" theme in which I have to survive.

I've been to many psychiatrists, doctors, no one really knows what is wrong with me since besides being attacked a few times by brother in which has mental issues (In which I was able to stand because he has a disease and this didn't effect me much and we get along now that he is able to control himself) Nothing negative has really happened to me at that age to cause such graphic dreams.  I'm adopted, and know little of family history or health records but for the most part there seems to be not much wrong with me. I've been dealing with this for 13 years, and I can hardly stand it. Some don't bother me, but by morning I feel so fatigued I can hardly stand it. I recently had an MRI and have a feeling like everything else of mine.. nothing physically wrong.

Can anyone help me as to what MAY be going on?

The subconcious is a strange thing. We go around all our lives recording data so to speak and then bits and pieces are played back in dreems along with imagination, thoughts, hopes, fears.

I saw some things when I was a child and the few people I told tryed to convince me it was imagination or a dream, but I still dont buy it. The things you saw in your room may have been imagined or some real manifestation of something or another. In many cases we cant truley see certain things with the eye, so something in the mind will fill in the blanks. But the good news is I dont think the reaper himself payed you a visit as you are still amoung the living. 
But when it comes to dreams or any other aspect of the unknown, it seems to me understanding is the best way to kill fear. Dreams are full of symbolism. Something like death can reprosent life, or a new begining, even closure. Perhaps the end of the world dreams are really about a desire for a new begining. Maybe on a very large scale.

Welcome to Monstrous.

Welcome to Monstrous Skyenique! Enjoy your stay :)

And I agree with Ravin on this one, mostly.

I feel that Ravin's got you on the right path Skye.
I can do some dream interpretation for you, if you'd like... just PM me.
Otherwise, Welcome to Monstrous.  :-)

Thanks (: even dream interpretations help from other people's views- I have loads of books I try to use but it rather confuses me because why would I want to "Start a new life" at the age of 5? I've heard that quite a few times, with a few other dream interpretations which I really didn't feel fit how I felt at that age. So to get other people's views would be really nice... I'm really rather tired of hearing "Sorry I can't help you" From the obvious people who are suppose to be trained in these fields. And after medical, psychological, I'm really just exhausted on every level after 13 years of this! The only thing I could find similar is Chronic Nightmare Syndrome with graphic vivid nightmares which people describe it as "Eventually being able to control" which I have yet tried those ridiculous techniques which got me no where.

And thanks Nina and Ravinclaw I hope I can get some answers with you guys, since most of you seem very knowledgable than any "I don't know" Doctors I run into (:


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