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URGENT!: Something Inside of Me/Astral Temple Disturbed

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My girlfriend said she saw a shadowy creature in the room after I fell asleep.


I'm having a hard time putting together sentences right now. Excuse my lack of fluency.

I'm afraid.

I can't remember all of last night. My girlfriend told me I was talking non-stop gibberish. I asked her if my voice was different (knowing that I had previous experiences with voice changes when my personality switched), she recalled my voice being that of a child's.

This has happened before, but this time it was different - I have foggy memories of last night - almost as if I wasn't present for it at all.

This morning I didn't feel myself either, but I was still present.

I then felt a pressure on my shoulders and back and I felt my body began to twist and contort. In reality, I'm not sure if I was moving at all.

I got severely cold and began to fear there was a demon abound. I took hold of a quartz crystal and smoked up the room with protecting incense. When I sat in lotus position and traveled to my astral temple, the area was disturbed, in a way that was eerie.. and unnerving.

I'm not sure what happened at all. I'm foggy and I feel lost.

I have fears something very bad is going to happen.

Asking your help,

These things are rarely uninvited and with the generalized experiences you offered, night terrors and other sleep disorders can be easily inferred.

what started this to happen?

This happened two nights ago and into yesterday morning.

There have been disturbances like these before.

But this is very urgent. I need help.

Nobody here can "help" you - this is the internet. Make an urgent appointment to see your family doctor. If this is not soon enough, visit your local emergency department. There, professionals will be able to evaluate you and rule out any underlying physiological cause.  If you are concerned that there is someone or something in your house, telephone the police and ask them to check for an intruder.

Having done those things, feel free to come back here if they all check out negative.

I'll let the Mods handle you, Imp.


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