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 I'm a psychic- good in mind visualization and sensing.  A demon got trapped inside my body for the past 1 yr . I trapped this demon with my mind power and sensing ability. It 'degrades' in my body with every passing day. It degrades with time.I have control over it mentally(??) and 'physical recognition'(mentally??) to the control was ...I'm still on my way to complete recognition and elimination of the demon. -ve energy(fear when i was a child (14)was induced in my body that I can feel by physical means after a year of the attack)- induced lust can be felt and contained now.

There were 3 things fixed like a heavy stone directing to 3 that I sensed while encountering this evil- self, respect and a good sucker. (3 in my family including me). When I applied my thought and pushed it into these fixed structures and destroyed them- a demon that induces lust to love a woman, kill true love and kill self entered my body as I was using my feelings - anger to get rid of these fixed structures. I know its not continuous here while writing... still under the attack. I cant feel to anything. I can see and hear but not feel. I want to know more about this demon. I would be glad if someone share anything on this.

1.   Do you have thoughts that seem to come into your head but don't feel as though they are your own?
2.   Do you think very negative thoughts involving harm to yourself or others?
3.   Do you have pains or odd feelings that seem to either move around your body or are confined to one area but have no physical problems that could be the cause of these feelings?
4.   Do you have problems sleeping and find you wake up around 3am?
5.   Does your life seem an uphill struggle whereby everything you try ends up with a negative outcome?
6.   Do you hear voices?
7.   Do you see dark shadows out of the corner of your eye but when you turn to look directly at the shadow it disappears?
8.   Do you feel some form of uneasy feeling around you at times?
9.   Do you feel fear for no reason?

Thanks for the reply.

1. Yes, I have thoughts being fed into me.

2. I had negative thoughts before but slowly with time I was able to see where they have their roots. Now, I cannot think about anything without disturbances.

3. I have pain in my ribs and it shifts or diminishes when I start to see it.

4. Yes,exactly 3 am. Whats there in 3? I don't know. I have dreams - I don't call them dreams- pushed to bed and forced to shift my thought(----) to 'sleep'. Dreams are like thriller movies. Its actually like watching a movie. You don't see cartoons posing a scary picture in dreams.

5. I cant think anything- slowly things are improving. Yes everything ends up negatively even after I work out on the problem and find a solution. It moves only in one way.

6. Yes, not my ears hear them. sounds continuously as I shift my thought to something I found or been made to shift my thought.. i don't know. The way you hear  sound from dreams -I hear voices.

7.A  irritating air moves out from my eyes. This often happens when I shift my thought to something else. I have everything - fear but I can see it clearly. Fear as I get my thought into it- fear- it diminishes. Do you have a form for fear- I can explain that.

Ok so the demon is attacking your thougts and body? Was this brought on by u? What are your belief support systems?
I will tell u the only way to rebuke a demon is by the power of Christ.

You sound stressed and in crisis. Best thing you can do is go see your doctor, get yourself checked over. You're also not sleeping well, and disturbed sleep/mental exhaustion can lead to your mind and body playing tricks on you.


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