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Hi im new to this form and was looking some advice.  So for past 10 or so year ive felt like im not alone in my body, started as a feeling of a presence then whispers in the back of my mind then on to full blown conversations.  When it all started i felt like i could control my energy levels, just concentrate and i could increase my energy making me fell more awake  or stronger.  But as time has gone by the more i try to control my energy the less control i have over it.  From my conversations with it the presence goes by the name Kaoosa (think thats spelt right) and give the impression it is a demon.  As the time has gone by ive started to feel like im less and less my self.  My temper is getting shorter and shorter and im constantly unsure of who i am any more.  The "Demon" is constantly whispering in my head one minute telling my im possessed and i am its the next its telling me theres not such thing as demons and im just starting to loose my mind.  Im constantly tired no matter how much i sleep and i just feel totaly lost.  Im losing the strength to keep fighting and holding it back.  Any way on to the point what i am just wondering is does this sound like an actual possession or am  i maybe just delusional and starting to lose it and might need to seek some professional advice. 

Hi Darkxide and welcome to Monstrous

After reading this, I have only ONE advice and that is to seek a professional medical help immediately.

Things that extreme, nina's advice is best, it may be a genuine mental issue, until you have the rational behind it, there's not much anyone can do.

Aye, I would agree with the above and seek medical help, but I know that demon possession isn't unheard of... Either way, seek a doctor first and if they can't help you then maybe consider finding someone who knows more about demons than we do...

It's most likely a mental disorder of some sort.  I would recommend professional help as well.  It's best to eliminate the most likely (and scientifically documented) possibilities first, before moving onto a supernatural or paranormal explanation. 


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