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Hey sorry that i havn't replyed to all your posts, just wanted to say thank you to every one who reply thank you for your advice and honesty.  Spoke to Gp who thought reason im so run down is because im stressing over it and when im sleeping its not a deep sleep.  Hes booked me an appointment with a psychiatrist (think thats spelt right) but  that was done last month and soonest i can see him is end of this month. Just wanted to let to say ive started to take up meditation as well to help me quiet my mind and confront the voice and this has helped me alot.  The instances of it are gettting less and less and im starting to feel normal again and like im in control, i cant remember the last time i felt like i was.   Dont know if it was just my mind trying to deal with stuff or what caused it and im still going to see the psychiatrist at the end of the month.  Just wanted to update u all and say thanks again for the Advice, im felling better than i have in year and i think confronting it and getting doc advice has helped  :-D

I'm very glad you're getting better. This thread should be the first thing people who think they are possessed should see.


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