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I think a spirit has attached itself to my body. Everyday i feel nautios and sad at random moments. It would not suprise me if something did attach itself to me because i asaid to it and i quote," Come at me you coward! I cant even lay a finger on you so go on, attack me!!!!" I need some immediate help with this.

In my experience, you give it the power it needs, take away that power and it can't do much. Believe it's attacking you, it'll attack you. Do what you feel you feel the need to eliminate if from you're life.

You told it to, now tell it to leave you alone and mean it.

Hunter of the night:
What you've done is given this entity the capability of attaching it to yourself. I would suggest using a chant to command this spirit to leave  this would be something I would recommend using "i who gave you the energy, i who allowed you entrance into this vessel. command you to leave now i do not give you my strength. i command you in the name of god to leave now!!!"

How ever if this entity that you believe to be attached to you is demonic I would recommend having a close group of friends with you and having a priest perform an exorcism on you freeing the entity from you and banishing it. But I would recommend having a bible beside you, and a friend to see who your reactions, are

From the lack of information given and from a realistic point of view i would say its nothing.
You probably are having a rough time or socially related problems and are under the influence of supernatural related litterature or maybe you got into all the ghost hunting stuff and just think that that might have happened to you because you did something with it. If that is the case (meaning you have just gotten into it) it means you are wanting it to happen for whatsoever reason. But if something has really attached itself to u just eat some salt.


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