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The Thief of Always?


Have any of you ever read, "The Thief of Always"? I just started reading it. It looks very good.

i havent srry

Oo i haven't but it looks perdy cool! what is it about exactly?

I read this around the time it came out. I don't remember a lot of the details about it, but remember that it was a really good book.. Probably my favorite from Clive Barker.. Though, i'm pretty sure he's working with Disney now (talk about unlocking the gates of hell!! :o  ) on more characters that are accesible to children, like in the Thief of Always..

Last time i saw Barker giving an interview, it was a few years back, and he wasn't looking so good. He looked like he was sick or something.. Hope he's doing well, and can release another great film/book soon..

Thief of Always was great...

cool ending but all is lost at the start of it


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