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Forever Haunted


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And so it begins. These fragile lives are lead out before the very minds that hold them. Freedom is futile, choice is naught but your destined path in life. Life, this poor excuse for a righteous living. What is life but to show you the pain of living? Death is the only true escape from pain. And so one must be dead to experience true freedom.

Mankind is nothing more than a cancer that infests this world. They seek, they maim, they destroy, they kill. Or at least they will until they kill themselves with pointless wars over pointless causes. That is why I despise man, it makes me glad that I can be separated, though slightly, from such brutal and terrible monsters. At least the others, rejected - respect life for what it is and live with it in a peaceful coexistence.

It was peaceful until the negative effects of the mass media skewed our images until our pure selves were nothing but a shallow core beneath a clouded mask of fear and insecurity. Mankind fears what it cannot understand. Unfortunately for them there is much they do not understand. Science is their god, their saviour, their escape from anything rational. They beg for science to explain everything, when they know that deep within themselves lies the truth - not all things can be explained.

And so I lie, a twisted soul in a blackened pit of my own dark existence.


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