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Spectrostatic Nocturnium (End This Madness)


Moonlight, it shines down upon this open window as the wind stirs the hair on my head.
Strands sway with the breeze as if dancing to some forlorn drumbeat of reality.
It is that way.
Or at least I wished it was.
Things changed in this life, as all is as unpredictable as the world that envelops us.
To rely on nature or man at all implies foolishness, which must be met with the harsh cold truth of what is real.
No, don't tell me life must be lived for naught.
But is that not how it must be?
Supposedly not, as life can so easily be explained.
But if it can, then why is it not?
I shake my head, the red lights that toss and turn around my room reflecting off the monitor into my eyes.
Things cannot be this simple.
Things cannot be so crass as to assume that everyone realizes everything.

But some do.
And these are those poor tortured souls.
Oh, how they mock thee, and how so my soul reaches out for thy comfort.
They do not understand, nor will they ever.
We tried to explain to them what was to come.
But none lent an ear, although all can hear.
Was it our fault or theirs?
We tried, did we not?
I laugh, as all will fail, yet no one will know, for the knowledge has died amongst the ones who flailed for their very lives.
It is far too late for this.
Why must it end this way?
For things must be this way.

Because things have gone on far too long.
This all must come to an end to protect the ones who have fallen.
And who are they?
The tortured ones.
The ones that bled out for mankind.
And so things will be so that revenge will be conjured upon the oppressors.
And so the world shall end to save the ones who have already passed?

And so things will end with a silent scream, not one alive will have known it has happened.
Could it have already happened?
Maybe, but that is not for you to know; you are still alive.
But not for long.
Everything shall pass quickly for you.
Do not fret, the familiar edge of a cold razor shall not escape you, nor shall eternal damnation.
Give up while you still can.
And end this madness.

Zak Roy Yoballa:
Again, you have a way with words that I do not possess.  So I will be blunt, it is a moving piece!  I can't help but wonder if you are contemplating ending your existance?  I would hope not, because my life has been enriched by your existance can would venture to guess that their are many others (and future others) who would agree with me.  


It is but a poem, ZRY, do not fret.  I am moved by my muse.


WOW!  'nuff said.   :!:  :!:


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