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"Kornstalkers, Corn Maze Massacre!" NEW book!


I just wrote and illustrated a new book you may like to read, it's called "Kornstalkers, Corn Maze Massacre!".
For more information please visit my website at
Here is a little about it....

What happens when you mix a haunted barn, a haunted corn maze,
Holloween, a scarecrow, demons, a prison break, and a serial killer?
A thrilling mystery you just have to read!
"Kornstalkers, Corn Maze Massacre!" #1 "Chilled To the Bone!" series NOW SHIPPING!....$6.99

Written and Illustrated by Dan Waltz for ages 8 to adult.

"'Kornstalkers' a vivid and entertaining tale of haunted Halloween mayhem in a rural Michigan town. A beginning of what promises to be a hair-raising series of terrifying tales."
Tony Root, Editor
The Roscommon County Herald-News

my kind of literature, man! I'm a yahoo, right on, cornfed, cornpone, fiddle playing, pig slopping, pea picking, moonshine dranking, field plowing hillbilly!

Jk. sounds interesting. Welcome, you all.


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