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A cold wind blows through the air, papers rustle.
The dampness seeps into the very substance of my being.
I taught you to walk, but then you ran away from me.
Such a simple truth avoided by an even simpler lie.
Ancient wounds spread across my pale flesh.
Something's killing me.

My frozen fingertips grasp at reality.
I scrape harmlessly away at what that keeps me on the outside.
Shivers rack my spine, sending me into convulsions on the floor.
Slowly the dust gathers in my hollow bones.
Disease spreads through my veins, I gasp silently for one last breath.
Something's killing me.

Skewed thoughts take form in my fragile mind.
Emptiness no more - I laugh as the darkness surrounds me.
Hands reach out for my soul, I try to escape.
I cannot run.
I cannot scream.
Something's killing me.

You break me open, turn out the lights.
Let the shadows fade with my body.
Claws scrape against the floor.
A scream awakens me from my sleep.
I am no longer here.
Something's killing me.


Very sad, but I think it is one of the best you have written yet, perhaps the best. Besides, I enjoy the occasional sad poem. Great job, Alexander! :)


Devious Viper:

I believe you mean decorous, yes?

Thank you, both of you.


Devious Viper:


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