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Forever (Revised for your entertainment)


Phantom X:
Fire Flies dance around the moon
He and Her sit by the lagoon
They both grow scared, whats the next move?

She takes him by the lips
He feels the love eclipse
Their hearts both whisper
They're the one
But then all is undone

The car ride home
Moments go by, he get out the drivers side
She gets out and meets him soon

Seconds later bullets fly
and He is dead, on his side

His car drives away, burning rubber
He drifts off to his last slumber
She runs to him and holds his head
He smile and and says
In heaven I will wait...For you by the Pearly Gates
He closes his eyes and then falls back
She cries and asks him to come back

Fire Flies dance around the moon
And now, they dance around his tomb


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