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I dont know what its going to be called.. yet. This is just the start and i havent written too much more but I thought I'd post it and see what you think. Oh and please dont tell me about bad grammar this is only a rough copy that i have copied and pasted.

It was a dark and rainy night when the small man in silver armour rode in on the largest war horse in Irainer, approached the city of Shalk. This knight was a strange knight because of all the weapons he carried unlike normal knights he carried a broad sword, a great war axe, a small hatchet, a short sword, a long pike and many daggers hidden underneath his armour also unlike other knights he did not fight for the church or for a country. He was widely known as a murderer and thief his name was Avin. He was heading to the city because the Queen Smarcha and her king Treeburn had offered him a job to help over throw a plot of some description. He then reached the gate. “Let me through Avin commanded.
“We’ve been ordered not to let anyone through at night.” the guard replied.
“Well then I’ll just have to order my axe through your neck,” Avin said “my name is Avin Crystaldeath now let me through.” He told the guard.
“yes my lord” the guard stammered getting on his knees.
“Get up I’m not a  lord”, he said irratatef
“The Queen told everyone in the city to call you a lord and to grovel when they see you,” the guard told him.
“Well that’s something I’ll have to fix isn’t it”. He was riding through the town when three men carrying knives stepped in front of him.
“That’s a nice horse you got there.” One of them said. Avin looked at them and grinned and then started muttering something and then the one in the middle made a chocking sound and dropped dead. The other two looked at each other with pale faces then turned around and ran for their lives. Avin dismounted and checked the body of the dead man.
“Well done,” came a familiar voice from behind him. Avin whipped out his broadsword and brang it around only for this swing to be blocked by the other man. “Nice to see you too” the other man said.
“What are you doing here Stragel?” Avin asked.
“I’ve been hired as well so it looks like we’ll be working together. Stragel answered “Are they paying you with there famous Irainer wine.” Avin spat.
“No actually I’ve given up the drink.”
“Yeah right.” Avin said eyeing Stragels blood shot eyes and the flask in his hands. “It’s water honestly”, Stragel said catching his glance.
“Sure" Avin replied mounting his horse. “Come on, we had better go and present ourselves in front of the King and Queen.”

What are your thoughts?

You had me at Hello..................

seriously, I loved it, bad grammar and all! I could really see and hear the characters. You have some real talent! (you're crazy as hell, but you have some real talent!) lol As Sy sez: Write More!!!!!
(I like the drunk guy who gave up drinking) Good stuff!

Thanks, im crazy, glads to hear it :lol: I am writing more in what little spare time i have. This story is completely new for me because i usually know where my storys are going, this one i have no idea except for one thing but telling you would be a spoiler  :wink:

I won't ASK so don't TELL.
and now it's 3 a.m. and I must get back to the Home. They'll be coming into my room at 4:30 with my morning bowl of gruel.
I just sneaked out to use the computer that the homeless guy lets me use on Saturdays.  ?????huh???? you ask.....
(I don't know either......he says he has "connections" so I don't question him. You're reading this, aint cha??!!!


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