Author Topic: My new monster book.  (Read 927 times)


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My new monster book.
« on: July 02, 2009, 06:19:05 PM »
I am currently writing a book about monsters in the fictional and real sense. For each piece on a fictional monster I am looking for a real life counter part. I suppose I am basicly asking all "real monsters" to come forward and send me there story. It can be about when you first learned you were different, the first time you tasted blood, or whatever story you think is important or would just like to tell. Please PM me your story if you wish to keep it quiet or if you would like to tell the monstrous public feel free to print it here. If you do pm me and would prefer me to use a different name than your user name please state. If you dont provide me with a name but dont want your username used I shall apoint a suitable "agony aunt" style one for you. I look forward to any assistance I shall be given.

Thank you.

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