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the things now whispered in my dreams...
« on: January 04, 2009, 11:40:38 PM »
"What to do?" Thought the bored sentience, yearning for the beginning of time when He was part of a Whole.

He thought wistfully about ancient brethren now scattered through out the universe, each trying to rebuild their lost glory where ever they can.  Dainao closed his eyes, remembering the pleasure of unity that he had.  Remembering that source,  Dainao closed his eyes and felt a stir of energy.  He felt his body swell and suddenly burst apart, he clapped his hands and felt the connection take root. He fell to the new world and lay there, letting himself meld with the soil, using it's new given energy to recharge and tune him into his new biosphere.  He felt a jolt, a surprising conscious flash of thought.  He re focused onto the material earth and found himself standing there alone.  The sky was bright, the air swirled around creating fragrant winds.  He rose to the sky and looked over at the glorious color of the blue liquid.  He appeared above it and settled, allowing himself to melt into the fluid.  He drifted along it's currents learning every drop, absorbing it into his own essence he closed his eyes and felt another burst of chaos thrust into material existence from the chaos of his fractured universe.  He looked through the liquid and felt a long missed sense of relaxation watching the silvery creatures swim and dart around him.  He noticed the clever designs that had manifested, the universe seeming to know exactly what to do to give him what he was missing.  He drifted up to the sky and flying back to flit across the vast and varied land.  He swerved down and up through out the trees, grass, and other greenery that tickled and delighted his sensations.

"It is good." He smiled settling atop a large mountain, lingering like a mist at it's peak, feeling the bright ball of light warm his world.  He found himself exhausted again, he melt into the mountain, the hard coolness locking him in a quiet womb of darkness, he felt a tickle of anticipation flash across thoughts.

His world seemed brighter, greener, there were a variety of noises he rose to the closest source and tipped his head at the curious creature looking at him, he walked up to it and passed through it, sensing a wider variety of similar energies, it's tangibility a curious enticement; offering him something he had never known.  He re focused, reshaped and redistributed the crude forms of life that found their way out of the water.  He smiled admiring the tenacity of his creation to survive and grow.  He felt a sudden strong draw towards the mountain he woke up from.  Appearing at the source he found a rich, brown, thick field of mud, he drifted down and focusing on the tangibility he learned interacting with his new world he began to shape and design it into little figures. He marveled at the shape, the curve of the two formations laying before him, he smiled finding them pleasant to look at and leaned down to blow onto them.  He felt them grow warm, the fleshiest of the two exhaled her first breath against his cheek, he brushed through them feeling the connection he had so long ago.  He stepped out and found himself standing as they stood, their beautiful forms bright in the dappled sunlight.  The looked around their surroundings, the female looked at him and smiled brightly.  He felt his heart explode watching as the male realized he was standing there and stepped forward, trying to touch what he didn't know.

"My perfect children."  He said gently brushing by the male to stand near them both.

He smiled, watching them try to form the sounds he made.

"Speak to me, your from Myself, who better would i hear?"  He reached out to touch them, grasping their hands and pulling them close.

"Who are you?"  The female finally stammered, looking up into his blazing eyes, he marveled at the intelligence he saw flash, more quick than the male.  He looked to the male and watched him admire the female, sensing a sense to touch develop.  He stepped back and smiled, putting their hands into each others. 

"You are my own, my life is yours."  He brushed his manifested lips across the female's cheek and disappeared, stopping briefly to watch as she leaned forward and repeated the same motion to the male.

"It is perfect." He smiled, letting himself settle back into his mountain, the warm coolness glimmered with a new speckle of life.  He finally felt comforted in his sleep hearing the soft prattle as they discovered their capabilities, feeling their developing emotion and pleasure from their new world of sensation.

"You did well brother."  The deep voice quickly brought him out of his dreams.

"What do you want?" He questioned with impatience in his voice.

"I like what you did here, share it with me?  He sneered.

"Make your own." Dainao shot back.  "Or are you still incapable of manifesting your essence?"  A taunt lilted in his tone.

"Why waste me when i can steal you?"  He chuckled suddenly appearing above the tw forms laying with each other, holding each other close to keep warm in the slight chill of the night wind.

"Why waste energy creating and separating our life?  We're the ultimate form, they're nothing but passing thoughts." He looked at them and became lost in a private moment.

He saw Dainao brush against her cheek, sensing his favor for the softness of the female creature, He laughed and formed himself next to her, looking up at Dainao with a challenge.

"I'll always play with your toys and you'll never find peace with them." He gloated, brushing his own lips across the females cheek, mimicking the thought he had stolen from her.  She rolled over and looked into his eyes eventually sitting up and stretched, she smiled and went to shake awake her mate.  The dark form reached out and touched her, pulling her arm near him and rising up to pull her behind him.

"You can't refuse a challenge brother." He thought to Dainao who still drifted above.

"And this is not your creation, you have no power to control them." Dainao reminded him and retreated to his mountain, letting his frustration simmer him into a dark rest, trying to feel confident that he was right.

He woke up to stab of anger, jolting to the top and flashing into appearance before the two humans.

"What happened?"  He demanded, noticing the male standing off to the side, near a tree.

"I am not inferior to Him, You or anything, my will is my own."  She affirmed, briefly feeling guilty for the loss she sensed.

"You are my brother's not mine, you will bear nothing good and never be loved as a mother."  He cursed her, giving her all his sorrow of the loss.  "You are your own."  He dismissed her, stepping to touch the man and vanished.

"Never mind my lily, your roots are better spread seeding the world with me."  He pulled her close into a savage kiss, inhaling the last of her brightness and lifting her onto him, he let his essence explode inside her.  Relishing the scream that burst through the air, her earthly instinct taking over to breed as all animals need to.  They slowly dissipated, their forms merging briefly before leaving them separate and standing before each other.  Roots from their spilled seed sank into the ground.

"You're not of his earth or any longer his creation." He promised touching her cheek briefly and leading her into his own burst of life on a large island hidden from his brothers view.

Dainao felt the male's loss, sensed his sorrow and loneliness, unable to find the physical need of partnership he wished he could understand.

"Sleep beautiful one, we'll make you a mate."  He looked to the rich clay soil, thinking of the loss of the female and sensing it strong in the now lone male.

He shook his head, not wanting to risk another incident, he smiled looking at the harmony of his chest rising and falling. Each inhale displaying a graceful curve beneath his breasts.  Dainao reached down and let his hand merge through the tangibility of the male.  Grasped the firm curved bone and lifted it out holding it close to his chest and breathing on it, remembering the original beauty of his clay form.  He stepped back and let her unfold. He stepped forward and pulled her back into his chest.

"You are my perfect creation, i need to make no more." He whispered in her ear and brushed his lips across hers.

"Tell me your name."  He asked softly, wanting to hear her ability to speak with him.

"Devie" she mouthed out, touching her neck where the sound burst out from.

"Tell me my name."  He asked curious what she would do.

The female stepped close to him, reached out and touched his form, she closed her eyes and inhaled stepping back to smile.

"Mydonay?"  She stepped in again to hug him, smiling as he stepped away to admire her form.

"You two are perfect,  I hope we'll spend a lot of time together."  He took her hand and led her back to the male, gently jerking her down to his side. He whispered it into the wind that chilled her body making her press up against the male's to draw from his warmth.

He found himself spending a lot of time, walking through his little utopia with those who brought him the first pleasure he had in a long time.  They suddenly stood before a colored tree, a myriad of fruit glistened in the bright sun, inviting refreshment.  He stepped forward and plucked off one of the fruit.  He smelled it and frowned, squeezing it into his fist, letting it burst into non existence.

"This is not good fruit, you have a lot to keep you sustained, this will destroy you to me."  He commanded and again looking at the tree retreated to his mountain top trying to figure out what his brother was up to.

He let himself melt into the soil, spreading himself through the earth, trying to sense the places of life.  He felt a tear of guilt rip across his heart and suddenly stood before his male and female. Both stood looking ashamed at the fruit that lay near their feet on the ground.

Dainao looked over to the tree and saw a lithe man laying along the branches, a bright grin on his face.

"Father told me what you did to mother, you actually expected her to yield to that?"  He laughed tilting his head to the couple hiding their nudity behind some bushes.

"It seems you made them rather fond of breeding, the pretty man purred.  He teased sliding over to stand near the female, flicking his tongue across her cheek. 

"As for your male?"

"You expect them to be pleased with that when they can be touched by gods?"  He shrugged and picked up the dimly lit fruit from the ground and bit deep into it, licking the juice from the corner of his mouth and leaning in to kiss the female that bowed her head admonished at the display before the first male she felt give her life.

"You are detestable!"  Dainao demanded before stepping in to smite him.

"Uh, uh, uh."  He chuckled out.  "Not your creation, you can't destroy me."  He gloated.

"Good point, but it was my world that gave you form?"  He glanced at the couple that still stood ashamed at what they did.

"You are like a snake, slithering and secretive, that is what form you'll keep."  He brushed across the young man's cheek and stood back watching as he morphed into a slithering serpent, the colors of the fruit glistened as it slithered back to it's tree and curled around a branch trying to curse back at him.

"What do I do with you two?"  He asked stepping forward and pushing them both to their knees to bow before him.

"I did everything to give you life, exhausted myself and now i give you that gift.  To understand what it felt to lose so much of myself, you'll bear the pain of bringing forth life,  as i provided for you, you'll need to provide for each other.  For this need i will give you both the gifts of creativity, cultivation and animal husbandry so that you two may create your own world to understand the loss and love i feel right now."  He took them both up by their hands and left them near a tiny body of water, tall trees grew around to help shelter them from the elements.

"You chose to know the secrets of creation, you have to learn them for yourself."  He again looked around the site making sure they did have everything they needed to sustain them.  He reached out to again touch them. "This has broken me more than you can know, we can never be as we were, but i'll always be able to hear you and your children that will come."  He kissed them both on the cheek and vanished, watching unseen as they began to look at what they had and shape a home.
"The world that God made is inherently comprised of relationships, symmetries, analogia, anagogy, poetic wisdom. Thus is the language of symbolism."


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Re: the things now whispered in my dreams...
« Reply #1 on: January 05, 2009, 09:47:13 AM »
my greedy God

wanting me alone,
placing barriers,
ommitting trust,
teaching me how
deceptive pretty flesh
and promising words

even those you thought
would always love,
you, eventually
fade away,
through Him.

the confusions,
wants, sorrows,
passing teachers,
painful lessons

His Son
the energy that is
love is wasted
on silly flesh.

misleading wants
become false
needs that bring
hopeless despair,
misery and ruin.

when enrapatured,
by the Divine...

hope is found,
 love is true
the only male,
thatís never
left me,
tears flow
thinking of
promised whim.

no need to bother
with any of it
anymore, at all
I've got Him
and He knows
"The world that God made is inherently comprised of relationships, symmetries, analogia, anagogy, poetic wisdom. Thus is the language of symbolism."