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My time.
« on: March 22, 2009, 05:28:38 PM »
There are two things that are now the main consumers of my time. My girlfriend and a book I am writing. Its mature for exotic detailed reason, but please, read the beginning part and tell what you think. If I get enough who like it, I may post more of it here.

A Serious Detective Story
Logan Shen

Chapter One

If you had one week left to live, what would you do? Would that question ring in your head? Would you empty your resources with out a care? Would you give all your currency away? Would you spend it on yourself? Would you just say it was another week?
I wish someone had told me that I was living my last week before I lived it. I wouldn’t know that my Sunday was my last Sunday I would live. I might had lived it differently, I might had decided to stay home, not go to work, left the office lights off, but I didn’t. Instead I went to my office, unlocked the door, and turned on the lights. I immediately went to my desk in my small square box business building.
 As I sat down in my black plain metal chair, I turned on my computer and logged on. If I had known my life was so short, I might’ve got on the web and looked up porn while promptly un-zipping and going to happy town until my assistant, Jane came in, in which case one of the two things would’ve happened. Either A, I would look like a deer looking into the headlights of a car that is about to hit me, freezing in place, eyes wide as I stop my action, and so close to finishing. She would then turn around and leave as white milk oozed on to my hand. Or B, I stand up with all my glory and grow balls to seduce Jane and finally make love to the person who holds my heart right on my desk.
Hot sweet sex on my desk! It would be hard, I would screw her brains out but I wonder, would I have her back, mmmmm, I can already smell, see, and taste her inner thighs. Or would I have her bent over the desk, the mere thought of her ass in the palm of my hands, fingers press hard against skin and the feel of her ass pounding against my lower stomach as I send her to happy town is almost orgasmic feeling itself. In which if I finally had the balls to seduce the one who had captured my soul; I would then be able to finally put a bullet in her head. I do love her, but I want to kill her.
I could see her now, she would just be getting her clothes on when she would see me pointing the gun at her head, the look of confusion would be priceless before a red dot appeared on her forehead and the back of her head explodes! Some might say that my desires don’t make sense or that I am insane, rest assure I’m not insane, but I have nothing to say for myself. I haven’t done it and most likely I don’t have the nads to do it so every thing is fine. If I had known this was my last week I might of but instead business was usual. I turned on the computer and played solitaire. Man, I need to get laid.
It was right then when big tits came in, Jane had the duds. Two double Ds that were un-naturally perky like a cheap hentai porno. Every time when I had the thought to get laid it seemed she would appear, right on time. If I had known this life would end at the end of this week, I might’ve been in the middle of ordering an escort, but I didn’t.
“Yo, milk duds, happy to see you!”
She frowned and started to give me a sarcastic look. Her straight dyed red hair was down instead of in a bun. Damn, I loved it so much more in a bun, you wouldn’t believe how much it turned me on, I would have to sit down more often because of the tent I would pitch. When it was in a bun, I wanted to mount that double D lady and bite her neck as I pounded that ass!
 “I really wish you wouldn’t call me that Serious.”
 I could tell she was already agitated, she hated the writing on the window that labeled my business, I named it, “Serious Private Detective Agency”, after my name. I thought it was original but apparently it was just cheesy. At the current moment though, I just didn’t care, it wasn’t helping me dive into those big tit’s shirt sliding through those gigantic boobs, down her stomach and into her pants.
Though I talk and think about it a lot, when ever we get any where close to even me getting a hand job, we both feel a little sick, oh but I wanted it right now, her hand around me going up and down and whispering dirty things to me. The odd thing though, is I felt right in my element when ever I came close to killing her. I would kill her like any other man, with a gun, a knife, or straggling, but here is the other odd thing, I want to end her by biting her, my teeth sinking into her flesh as blood trickled down my throat. I can assure you, I’m not insane.
I watched as Jane’s huge knockers bounced as she walked across the room to empty out her kitty litter box she had used the night before. Before I go on, I feel like I should share a little more about Jane so you can understand. I met Jane by wrecking my car into hers. The accident was obliviously my fault but I had the better lawyer and she lost almost every thing, including her house.
At this point is when she hated me the most. This was when I was just starting my business and when I say just starting I mean a year into it but desperately needing an assistant. I had to have some one with specific skills to be my assistant. For a year, no one was able to pass my test until finally one day I received an email telling me some one had finally passed it.
I sent them the email telling them to meet me at my building for a job interview. That’s when Jane came in. She almost immediately turned around and walked out, but I was desperate, I convinced her other wise. I said I would do my best to repair the damages and I would personally work on her car. She accepted.
There were certain questions on my online test though, that only a mage could answer. I immediately started to sense her for magic, I sensed air. I originally thought that since I was of stone magic and she was air magic, then we being elementally opposed was the reason why we got sick when we got close, but later research described a lesser sickness feeling instead of the incredibly strong sick feeling we felt. After sensing her I then spied on her.
I followed through the day back to her house. I watched as she locked her doors and went to extraordinary lengths to secure her home. Then as the new moon came up, she turned into a black cat! Now don’t get confused, the change was only forced upon Jane on the new moon, and she became a slightly smart but still mostly normal cat.
You couldn’t hold a conversation with her but she could do advance problem solving. She secured her home before the change so she couldn’t get out and other cats, specifically males couldn’t get in.  When the moon was any thing but new, she had full control and also remained mentally herself. When I saw the change through her window, I went to her door and picked the lock and got the Jane cat.
I took her to my office and kept her there, it turned out I was a cat person. When she changed back, she was angry and even more so when she heard I had picked the lock. She threatened to sue me and I reminded her, I knew her secret. I later learned that I was very honest.
You see she could have any job she wanted with those huge tits but she hated the awkwardness that bosses and coworkers would display. I how ever was upfront about my fixation with her huge bowling balls for tits and from that, it appeared like that would not affect my judgment of her as an employee.   
The office phone rang.
“If its another man wanting us to see if his wife is cheating on him, I’m done with this job, I’ll be turning in my two weeks.” Stated Jane
 As it turned out, a lot of our skills were wasted on married couples who didn’t trust one another, being a private detective had fallen so low.
“Hello, this is serious detective agency, this is Serious speaking.” I said answering the phone.
“Ah yes, Serious I have a job for you.” The man said on the other end.
“Let me guess, you want me to spy on your wife for you?”
“Actually no, some one has stolen an important item from me and I would like you to find out who has my item since the police have already given up on it.”
 I smirk and cover the phone as I look to Jane and say, “Looks like you’re still employed.”
I remove my hand from the phone and talk back into it.
“So how valuable is this item and what is it Mr.-”
“Thomas, Record Thomas, and the item that was stolen was a very special pearl.”
As it turned out, Mr. Thomas was a very wealthy man. The pearl that had been stolen from him was so valuable that it could purchase my life twice! For some reason though, he had it in a room made of concrete. It seemed like he wanted to seal it away from the world because on top of the concrete was steel, steel every where except on the door.
From the police reports that Jane looked up, it seemed like the pearl had just disappeared. Jane and I decided it was best to visit the scene. Well, as far as a mortal would be concerned with, it did disappear with out a trace, but to a mage of stone, I could see clearly what happened. It was a stone spell.
 I could smell it on the door. The stone mage melded with the door and then came out on the other side of the concrete door. I thought why would a stone mage steal this pearl, there were plenty of other things that were more valuable than this pearl with similar security systems. No, wait, no there wasn’t!
Other systems had steel doors with steel bars and other advanced locks. Ok, maybe it was for money but, only one way to be sure before I follow the rest of the trail. I did the same thing the stone mage before me did. I melded through the door. I saw the pedestal that the pearl would’ve been on.
Again, before I go on, I feel the need to explain how magic is done. Magic feeds on life force. Use some and you get tired. Use a lot and you begin to age quickly. Use too much and you could die a ninety year old man at the age of fifteen. Think of it like running. An athlete could run for a while and a mage can use magic. Run too long and the athlete starts to slow down just like a mage starts to get tired. Put a car behind the runner so the car can run him over and the runner will start to use adrenaline just like when a mage starts to use so much magic they begin to age only the runner recovers if they dodge the car but the mage has inflicted permanent damage on themselves.       
    While I was in the room, I didn’t smell any magic currently around me. Not all mages could smell magic; in fact I’m a special case. Some times mages were born with special gifts. I am able to smell magic; to bad I can’t smell Jane’s dirty panties. My nose doesn’t always work; some times the smell of magic can go away like normal smells.
I decided to cast a spell to sense if magic was recently around. Dear lord there was a ton of water magic where the pedestal was. It was as if I had just sniffed a water mage. No pun intended despite my reference to sniffing Jane’s dirty bra, I mean panties; well I wouldn’t mind sniffing her bra either.
I remember meeting Mr. Thomas an hour ago. We pulled up in his massive garage aside from him having a huge mansion and awesome cars.  When we greeted him, the first thing I did was use my nose to see if he was a mage, he wasn’t.
As he led us through his house, I believe I saw an array of exotic animals that ranged from rare birds to colorful great cats that were to brightly colored to survive in the wild. Big house, large garage, and extremely magical pearls, all of this was a little too strange. As I finished taking notes of the scene, Jane came back from interviewing Record Thomas as I melded back through the door. Apparently he didn’t work, they never had to.
Notice I say they and when I say they I mean he had a brother. I’ll get to why the brother is important later. Record Thomas was the younger out of the two sons and never became employed. The pearl belonged to his mother who by Jane’s description was a mage.
Record didn’t know about magic and apparently wasn’t gifted despite his mother. I as well as every one wandered why not every one could use magic. His brother Ricky Thomas however, did get a job in stock marketing and was very successful in it. It was in fact him who bought the room for Record.
Record originally wanted the pearl to be displayed, but Ricky convinced him he should keep it safe instead of displaying it. The pearl was some thing that his mother left him when she passed away. His father seemed like another oblivious person. I will say this; I’ll never want to be normal and ignorant of how this world truly ticks.
I understand my attitude is rare among your normal stories, but magic is bliss, I can do it and you can’t, tying a cape around your neck won’t give you power, one must truly accept what is real and what isn’t. It’s easy for me to say this because I’m special, but to the rest of the mortals, suck it!
Getting back to the investigation, I remembered there was a scent trail off the door, I figured now was the time to follow it. I went back to the door as Jane followed. This was the first time she had came to the scene with me. I already was imagining my hands pulling her tight black skirt to grab her ass as I push to and up the concrete door!
She would pull her panties to the side that is, if she was wearing any. Man, the mere thought of her commando sent shivers down my spine. I had asked to investigate the scene in private, so there would be no interruptions as I screwed her silly against the stone cold hard concrete door, yeeeah. As I got to the door, I was imagining finishing and as I still had her up against the wall, I could pull out my pocket knife and slash her throat!
There wouldn’t be a scream, just a gurgling noise as she chocked on her own blood at the same time her neck would spray my face with that red ooze I so desperately wanted to spill! Through all the blood and the choking I would be able to see the look of confusion on her face, damn that would be priceless, especially if she kept that look when she died. Did I mention I’m not insane? There is a question that I wish I could answer though. Would I feel bad about killing her, would I miss her?
We got to the door, and she stood aside. I closed my eyes and I could already smell the magic. The trail led into his backyard and into the ground. I could follow in the ground but I wouldn’t be able to continue following.
I can’t smell or cast underground.  There was only one thing left to do. Contact his brother. As we came into his house, I saw that Record had a lot of cats.
I quickly told Jane to see if any of the cats saw what the thief looked like. I went to Record and got the address of Ricky and his schedule. As I came back, Jane had already gotten an excellent description of the thief. This was very good.
What the cats saw was a man with what they described a leather material for skin, or actually clothes, brown hair, and pointed feet, boots. He came in a long car, limo, sunk into the front yard.  The cats then saw the man come up through the backyard and sneak in the back door while Record was speaking to a man with similar skins and similar smells. I know this seems like vague details but I have had Jane speak to a lot of cats, this was about as good as the details got.
I took notes of the details and we got in the car. I drove my car to the street and parked it across street from the house. Ricky also had a huge mansion with a limo parked in front of it.
“Stay here.” I said to Jane as I got out of the car with my camera.
I smelled water magic, a ton of it in the mansion. I came to the limo. I could tell from the tires and the exhaust pipe that it had recently been used. I took pictures.
You could also tell that the car was recently used because it was parked in front of the house. I guess that was nothing special. The special thing was that you could smell it was rarely used. The tires still squeaked just by looking at them at the same time while the paint on the car blinded you with the sun’s reflection.
I returned to the car after taking several pictures of the house, the garage and the limo. As I came back to the car Jane came out.
“Wanna get food after this?” I asked.
“Sure.” She answered.
“Maybe a movie afterwards?” I asked, pushing a limit.
“Don’t you think that inner office relationships are bad Serious?”
“I didn’t ask what I thought, I asked what you wanted.”
She sighed and then answered “We better make the movies first.”
She was referring to getting sick. If we had just eaten, one of us would be more likely to vomit if one of us went too far in the theater.
“Then lets hurry up and get this over with” I said.
We head up and ring the door bell to Ricky’s mansion. We are then quickly greeted by a servant who leads us through the building and to Ricky who is in what looks like to be a work room. Through the house, there were several magical items that smelled of water, His work room had a huge desk and a big poofy chair. Papers seemed to be flunged every where, next to his desk was stacks of them.
He, Ricky that is, was sitting at the desk writing with an quell, it smelled of magic, water. Ricky of course smelled like a water mage. As soon as the servant announced us and introduced our names, he turned around and left the room closing the door behind him.
“So Serious, why is it you’re here?” Asked Ricky.
“Well Mr. Thomas, I’m a reporter who would like to interview you about the pearl.” I say while flashing a fake I.D. badge.
“Ah, and what does this have to do with me?”
“Because you’re the one who designed and purchased the security, so I’m trying to get the full story.”
“Well, I have no comments, you’re free to go.”
“But Mr. Thomas, your brother’s insurance are going to go by my reports.” I said desperately wanting a story.
He sighed and started to tell me all the details. When I asked if I needed another interview, would he be open tomorrow, he promptly said no, with the excuse that he had to work. He then shut the door. I then turned to Jane and said
She said sure. During the movies I couldn’t think of any but putting my hand on her leg. When we went out to eat, all I could think of was how my food would taste on her.
“So, what is the plan tomorrow?” She asked.
“Its weird that he has work on Saturday, I’m thinking about picking the lock and looking for the pearl.”
“But the cats said the man had brown hair, not black and a leather outfit.”
“True, eh, I guess to look for further evidence then.”
After saying that, there was no more, and we finished eating. I drove her home. After my interview from earlier, we went back to the office, she drove home and then later I picked her up. She wore a red dress and her hair in a bun just the way I liked it.
Now I was dropping her off and walking her to her door. As she opened her door, she turned around and smiled.
“I had a nice night.” She said.
“So did I.” I responded.
Awkward silence captured us, then I tried to kiss her on the cheek, as I did, I felt my skin lose color. Usually I would draw back, but this time I didn’t. I pressed my lips against her skin that I was just craving one moment but currently I compared it to a toxic barrel. As I came back, Jane had a green tint to her skin; I suspected I had the same color, considering I needed to vomit.
I turned around and started to my car, as shut the door. When I heard the door shut, I ran and vomited on the curb. If I knew my life would end at the end of this week, then I would’ve went home and found a way to resolve my obsession, but I didn’t. I went home and went to bed.
The Dragon of Monsterous.


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Re: My time.
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AWESOME!!!! It sounds like something i would read. I can hardly wait til u finish it so I can buy a copy. 0:)
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Re: My time.
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Thank you.
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