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Codex Immortalis
« on: March 31, 2009, 02:46:36 AM »
Found online this interesting text that synthesizes a lot of monstrous beliefs. Feel free to discuss.

Hail to Thee, My Immortal Brethren.

We who have marched through the Ages past, forever living, never dying. As the Kheprian Charge speaks:
We are the many-born, we are the Immortal Eternal, we wander the eons, Moving to the rhythm of our own inner tides. We are active elements moving through passive worlds. Endlessly we die and are reborn, Changed yet unchanging through the years. We move from lifetime to lifetime, Taking up bodies as garments. Ours is a journey toward understanding, And our charge is knowledge and wisdom. We are the catalysts, and as we Awaken to our Selves, We serve to Awaken the very world.

We are everywhere. In many guises, in many bodies, we exist side by side with our lesser brothers and sisters, those humans who sleep, awaiting re-birth in glorious knowledge of their divine right to exist as the Gods they, and we, truly are. Our Truth is made manifest in the lives we lead. We do not seek confrontation, but if faced with said confrontation, we Attack by Defending, trading aggression with aggression, blow with blow, Justice tempered with Mercy. Our goal is The Returning. We came not from the Earth, nor from the Stars, but from the bosom of Eternity.

It is our dearest and fondest wish to return there. We are here, in this place, in this time, because of differing reasons. Some are here now to learn of Life’s lessons, whatever they may be. Some are here to experience the carnal and bodily passions that, it seems, only the ‘Human’ experience can bestow. Others are trapped here, locked in to the base vibrations of this material existence like an animal trapped in the primordial tar pits, slowly sinking into oblivion, unable to extricate themselves and gain back their freedom. Why do Souls come here? The reasons are multitude. Some even decide to stay here, after their tenure has ceased, to teach and lead those who become addicted to the passions and tactile embrace of Humanity.

Bodily immortality, like Spirit immortality, is not only possible, but interchangeable with each other. When you finally remember that you are not a separate entity, divided up into slices like a pie or a cake, and realize that everything you are becomes finally One. Do not seek to explain who and what you are. Accept Who and What You Are. You do not really want to accept who and what you are, because that would mean having to accept the responsibility for, and of, your existence. We do not have mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters. We do not have gender.

We Are. We always were, and always will be. We Are The Immortals. We are not human. You are not human. Yet you hold onto your humanity like a comforter, a security blanket, an old familiar coat, like it gives you some form of identity. When you finally let go and surrender your humanity, true freedom of Knowing, and Enlightenment, will open your ‘eyes’ and show you just how fragile your ‘security’ really is. Ignorance and stubbornness are not virtues to be proud of. It is amazing how the small minds of the less courageous skitter and flee like cockroaches caught in light of Truth. But, we will not condemn these. Not everyone is ready for the Enlightenment of Truth. Neither can we force these to accept what is clearly unacceptable to them. We will not seek ‘converts’ to our way of thinking. Instead, we will let them come to us.

Only when the pupil is ready, etc. We will continue to stand ready, ready to take their arms and lead them to rest and shelter. One by one, or many, it matters not. Many sleep, and believe they are awake. Many dream, and cannot tell the dream from reality, because for them the Dream is the Reality. Oh so many continue to exist in childhood, not believing that regression is opposite to progression. A question, then. Can YOU tell Fantasy from Reality? Not many can, for the simple reason that fantasy is so familiar, reality so scary. So, we wait. Sooner or later an awakening occurs, and the heavens rejoice as we welcome home our lost loved One.

We are the Immortals. We have watched you for millennia now, as you scrabble in the dirt of your own selfimposed delusions, like a child who chants, ‘I’m the king of the castle’, waving a toy sword and dressed in a towel wrapped around your neck. We have watched, smiling at your antics, amused by your behaviour, and we are content. We have no need to rule over you, because you keep yourselves in un-ashamed ignorance of your own true potential. Truth be known, we would rather not even attempt to ‘rule’ over you. We are not your ‘parents’. You built the sandbox. Now you play in it. Sad, really. The planet you call ‘Earth’, is a violent dis-ease ridden rock in the backside of the Galactic Community.

You are still in your ‘dark ages’, and until you come to the realization of just who you are, and who you can be, we are content to let you play with your toys, overseen from afar, your bombs, guns, chemical, biological, and conventional weapons will be kept firmly on your planet. We will not allow you to export these abhorrations into space. We have stopped you from this course a few times now, and still you do not learn. As you edge toward your self-imposed ‘Armageddon’, we watch, we wait, we sadden at the thought that you knowingly, and laughingly, destroy your fellow man like a spoiled brat setting fire to an anthill. However, know this. We will happily let you destroy yourselves.

That’s what ‘freewill’ is all about. But we, the Galactic Community, will not allow you to destroy your host, the beautiful entity you reside upon, the planet called, Earth. Attempt that, and your selfdestruction will be hastened. You ‘humans’ have the idea that, ‘If I can’t have it, no-one will!’. So there is your justification for death and destruction. You were allowed to inhabit the planet. That privilege can just as easily be revoked, you know. We love you. Show each other the same courtesy. Time is running out.

The Immortals.

(The Vampire Ritual Book By Michelle Belanger [2003])

The greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing the world that he did not exist.” - Charles Baudelaire (French and monstrous poet).