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My gift to you
« on: September 11, 2009, 02:20:44 AM »
I was captivated by your beauty,
But it was all for fuilty,
I have fallen from grace onto blown-out knees,
Beaten down by the raging red seas,
I rise up, overcoming my broken back,
I see now, a heart is the thing you lack,
So I rip mine out of my chest,
Cover it in silk, the best,
And wrap it up in the nicest lace,
And I put it in the place,
It where it was missing from,
But you look again Iím gone,
Wasted away, disappeared on cue,
But my last act was a gift, a gift to you.

For the First TIme,
Im Losing Control,
And I Like It,
Freedom Feels Like The Noose is Gone