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Re: poem
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masters of manipulation
i have spotted your evil deeds
looking into your eyes i see hatred glistening on me
your words are spoken weary
they flow for all to hear

in the misted shadow i contradict
i fear
how is it you still are
you shouldent even be
a cause a curse a resererecting system i dont need

false promises
no hope
i see the poeple turn away
is there really nothing worth speaking of
ass all is taken away

life was once worth living
now we are living in our deaths
the air i breath is poisoned
and you have no regrets

how heartless can a human be
when all are dying from your variouse deeds

not a bad bit of poetry lock, hard to follow the imagry in places but i like it
Too weird to live....too rare to die

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Re: poem
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Thread locked                For obvious reasons

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