Author Topic: A Sci-fi STory I am working on.  (Read 921 times)


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A Sci-fi STory I am working on.
« on: July 03, 2009, 12:10:39 AM »
Had this idea in my head for a while now and thanks to the brick wall I have hit, I have written this in hopes of clearing up my head. slightly working.
Chapter 1
   I took my position in the cockpit of my mech, expecting some trouble for the final bout with the local gang. I have been fighting this group for so long now, I felt relieved that this was going to be the final battle of this campaign. As I brought to mind how important this was, I started to review the Intel I had thanks to my sixteen soldiers. The enemy stronghold was a small warehouse with two floors. It had been refitted to withstand small explosions to a point and the area was pretty much open field. The first floor was where all of their cargo lied and the second floor was where the enemy lied. There was also a wall around the compound but it wouldn’t be too much trouble for my team to get over it.
   I also had a possible report that the human cargo was stored in a basement level and was lightly guarded. This would make things tricky to pull off, but hell, the current government pulled off something that seamed close to impossible. I was a nice little bit of distance from the battle field but it wasn’t for the sake of my safety. With this being a gang that had a strong grasp on getting illegal equipment, chances were they would have a mech as well and I would have to deal with it. That would be the true battle decider tonight. I chuckled at the thought of some cocky pilot going against my special weapon, a lovely lady I put a lot of love into.
   As I sat in the cockpit, my hands lightly grasping the controls near my hands. Then, radio chatter on a secured line broke through my silence. “Commander, this is Alpha Squad, we are ready.” My snipers were in position and had set up a perimeter around the building.
   “You made sure to have clear views of the second floor, right,” I had to ask even though I knew they did. It was also a stupid question because the weapons they carried could punch through those walls and hit the enemy on the opposite side.
   “Understood, we have sights set on the second floor through the windows. We have not been spotted yet. Clearance to open fire,” They replied as quickly as expected.
   “Negative,” I replied in a shallow tone, “your orders are to wait until I say so.”
   “Roger that, switching to Thermal Optic View.” They would be seeing the heat signatures through the walls, cleaver girls.
   “Commander, this is Bravo Squad, in position and ready to breach the perimeter.” That was the assault team and I told them to be at the entrance of the building.
   “Understood Bravo,” I replied, “Alpha is already in position and has optics set on thermal. Advise that if you must kill before the operation begins, use sound suppressers and keep it quiet. We are only ghosts in this one.”
   “Roger that, sound suppressers on.” I tilted my heads sideways both ways for a quick second to keep myself awake and concentrating on the job.
   “Commander, this is Charlie Squad, we are ready to breach on your order.” Charlie team was my official spearhead of this operation. I gave them the job of securing the human cargo and checking for any possible fallback operations for the enemy. I wanted to hit these gangsters fast and hard and where it hurt.
   “Understood Charlie,” I replied again like before, “I gave orders to Bravo to enter ghost mode. I advise you do the same.”
   “Roger that, Sound Suppressors on.” Now all was left was Delta. They had a different method of entrance. They were already inside and waiting for my orders.
   “Delta, can you hear me,” I spoke over the communication line.
   “Yes sir, we have multiple hostile targets in view and are ready to kill on your order,” Delta replied as I could feel the sweat rolling down my legs. It started to feel warm in the cockpit because I was only running life support and electrical power to the console and radio. The rest was on standby incase I was wrong.
   “Alpha,” I spoke, “can you send me feed of your view?” I didn’t get a reply but I found my frontal screen covered in a multicolored image. I could see about eight people on the second floor, I could be missing some because heat was being put off from some larger sources. “Alpha, I am about ready to launch the operation, I need you to only kill when they start to go down the stairs to asset the other hostels, understand?”
   “Understood commander, ready to kill based on current orders.” I then switched my mind to Bravo and Charlie.
   “Bravo, when Charlie goes into the basement level, cover their six. Charlie, you are to head straight for the basement level and kill any hostels in sight. I don’t want non-combatant casualties here.”
   “Understood.” I heard twice by both groups.
   “Delta, when Alpha open fires on the hostiles, fire from your position and wait for Alpha to give the cease fire signal. Wait for further instruction when that signal comes.”
   Now was the time I was waiting for. The time where it was do or die and I was sure this was do. “Okay group, time to roll out and mow them down.”
   “Roger,” I heard multiple times but all in sequence.
   “Begin operation,” I ordered, “End Campaign.”
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