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Salisbury, North Carolina
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In the 1800s and early 1900s Salisbury had a reputation as the “wettest and wickedest” town in the state. There were five distilleries, a red light district and too many saloons to count. Salisbury was also the location of one of the Confederacy’s most infamous prisons. Salisbury’s checkered past is calling out to ghost hunters.

The popularity of television shows such as “TAPS” and “Ghost Hunter” are evidence of a growing interest in the possibility of paranormal activity. Acronyms like EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) and EMF (electro magnetic field) are popping up in dinner conversations. In general, people no longer seem to fear the ridicule that can be associated with a belief in the unknown. Many folks will eagerly tell you they believe in ghosts and other forms of paranormal activity, and more than a few will share their personal paranormal experiences. The Charlotte Area Paranormal Society has more than 1,500 active members in their paranormal “meet-up” groups. North Carolina has more than 70 paranormal research societies.