Author Topic: Multifaith Guide To The End Times  (Read 8884 times)

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Re: Multifaith Guide To The End Times
« Reply #30 on: June 04, 2011, 11:38:14 AM »
Quote, okay. First and foremost, I'm not Christian, I'm an agnostic of... sorts. But anyway.

That's all cool, I don't exactly fit into a proper category myself.
Jesus was not the author. John, the apostle (one of the 12 disciples) was the author, so.... But hey. Revelation does have some crazy sh*t. I won't lie.

Anyway, that's just it.  I don't see Jesus going into detail about the stuff John speaks of in revelation, i don't think he mentioned anything. And while i suppose  while one may explain john writing revelation under divine influence, it just seems like a tacked on sequel like ferngully 2. It sorta breaks the message preached by the rest of the new testament.

(John maybe the author of revelation, but when you consider the fact that the founder himself did not really seem interested in the last days, you start to think it might not be such a big deal. sure he mentions stuff about nation turning against nation, brother against brother........etc. He also says that the end of days does not come immediately..... No specifics really.)

Quote It was canonized around 300 years after his death - canonized means that the books that did not conflict with each other too much and were written by primary sources were compiled to form one main book, which is today known as The Bible.

Just for clarification purposes, for those who really need to know: I went to Catholic school for around 7 years, and I've studied Christianity from an objective point of view. Religious background is Hindu, but again, as I've stated, my beliefs are completely comprised of my personal experiences, and I wouldn't be able to properly peg it on any proper religions. Therefore, please don't believe that I'm defending Christianity or the Bible in any way (and by this I'm also not bashing it - I'd only bash the people who've f*cked it up, not the religion itself). I'm just providing information. :p

My apologies. I used written, when i meant "compiled."(i think i did use that verb after written but i guess the damage to my thought was done......)

And while i suppose that yes, conflicting sources are a bad thing for a book like the bible, and yes having a ridiculous amount of differing versions is a bad idea, even for the christian version of the text, they(Christianity) DID play a little now you see it-now you don't with some present in the Hebrew text while making its own version. (the one with the new testament.)

So yeah. What else do ya think they left out?
Especially when they would convert a weak unresisting sun worshiping emperor on his death bed....... some would say forcefully.

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Re: Multifaith Guide To The End Times
« Reply #31 on: June 04, 2011, 11:47:27 AM »
Plenty of things were left out due to "differing accounts." We have the book of Enoch, for example, the Maccabees, and I can't remember the name of it, but there was a book on Jesus's childhood which was a firsthand account, supposedly, but it was kept out because some of the things he did weren't exactly the hippie format we know today. Which, by the way, I found interesting. Gave me a better insight, because I feel like it was a more accurate description. That's just IMHO.

I have a copy of the Bible (don't remember which version) that has some translating notes by a Yogi. From what I understand, it's really interesting, but I've yet to read it. I wanna see what his take on Revelation is. But as per my dad, he goes into the meaning behind, you know, not "take it literally," which is why, according to my dad, it's a bit more believable. I wouldn't know. :p
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Re: Multifaith Guide To The End Times
« Reply #32 on: June 07, 2011, 11:46:05 PM »
well, considering Native American prophecy... we ARE doomed indeed:


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Re: Multifaith Guide To The End Times
« Reply #33 on: June 07, 2011, 11:59:26 PM »
Oh God, I remember hearing about that. Is that the one from way back or is this recent?
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Re: Multifaith Guide To The End Times
« Reply #35 on: March 11, 2012, 10:53:49 AM »
I like its symbolism. when jesus was asked why he spoke in riddles and parables his reply was so that only those with wisdom will learn the truth, those without will remain confused." ive learned more from stories about wheat, widows and rich men then all the poreaching in the world. The only thing clearly stated in the bible concerning the end? "None shall know when the earth will end except God" to my knowlege he hasn't said anything to anybody...yet.
"The world that God made is inherently comprised of relationships, symmetries, analogia, anagogy, poetic wisdom. Thus is the language of symbolism."