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Opus Dei (The Da Vinci Code)
« on: August 24, 2005, 04:11:25 am »
I'm sure that most of you will be familiar with Dan Brown's "The Da Vinci Code"; in it, one of the key characters is Silas the monk, a member of a religious order within the Roman Catholic church called 'Opus Dei'. I've known about them, and been disturbed by them, for many, many years.

Here's an insight (reproduced from the Opus Dei Awareness Network) into some of their... er... stranger practices, which you will recognise from the novel.

Corporal mortification is regularly practiced in Opus Dei. It includes fairly innocuous things like fasting and silence... and the "cilice" and "discipline"... :shock:

Cilice: LINK TO PICTURE A spiked chain worn around the upper thigh for two hours each day, except for Church feast days, Sundays, and certain times of the year. This is perhaps the most shocking of the corporal mortifications, and generally Opus Dei members are extremely hesitant to admit that they use them. It is a painful mortification which leaves small prick holes in the flesh, and makes the Opus Dei members tentative about wearing swim suits wherever non-Opus Dei members may be.

Discipline : LINK TO PICTURE A cord-like whip which resembles macrame, used on the buttocks or back once a week. Opus Dei members must ask permission to use it more often, which many do. The story is often told in Opus Dei that the Founder was so zealous in using the discipline, he splattered the bathroom walls with streaks of blood.

The Heroic Minute : Members are encouraged to jump out of bed and kiss the floor as soon as the door is knocked in the morning. As they kiss, they say "Serviam," Latin for "I will serve."

All of the practices mentioned above are mandatory if one wishes to live the "Spirit of Opus Dei" fully. The "Spirit of Opus Dei" is the standard of living, as outlined by the Opus Dei directors.

Relevant Quotes from the writings of Opus Dei Founder, Josemaria Escriva

"Blessed be pain. Loved be pain. Sanctified be pain. . . Glorified be pain!" (The Way, 208)

"No ideal becomes a reality without sacrifice. Deny yourself. It is so beautiful to be a victim!" (The Way, 175)

 :shock: Hmm. There's dedication, and there's dedication! :?

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Opus Dei (The Da Vinci Code)
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Hi DV,

I'm glad this post got brought back up.

Do you recall where you found the information about Escriva's beginnings with Opus Dei?  I've heard that too - that he literally streaked a bathroom wall with blood, but now I can't find the source.


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Opus Dei (The Da Vinci Code)
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I read about this in "Their Kingdom Come"  by Robert Hutchinson.

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