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About Maria
« on: May 15, 2006, 12:53:04 am »
Long Beach resident Maria Martinez, Italian-American by birth, happens to have a gift. A talent that became apparent to others the day then six-year-old Maria announced to her mother and grandmother that an old family friend, Mrs. Weens, would not be coming back, that she was dying soon. Her mother slapped her for her evil words, but her grandmother, a psychic, intervened and asked how she knew this. Maria said she smelled it in the chair Mrs. Weens had just vacated. And yes, Mrs. Weens never did come back because she died shortly thereafter.

Under the tutelage, or more like non-interference, of her grandmother, Maria developed her abilities, and is especially adept at psychometry, holding an object and being able to sense what’s going on with the person most closely associated with that object.

Even though her mother, a strict Catholic, said her clairvoyant gifts came from the devil, Maria embraced her inner medium, making a career of helping people sort through life decisions, an intuitive life coach so to speak.

In the early eighties, UCLA ran a paranormal division and Dr. Thelma Moss interviewed and evaluated Maria, informing her that she was one of the highest scoring psychics to be seen in their program. Accuracy of her predictions, per client feedback Maria gets, ranges from 4 out of 5 to 5 out of 5.

The majority of those who consult her are female. According to Maria, “Women are more open, psychic and tuned in. They have better gut instincts. Perhaps it’s related to childbearing and the maternal instinct. Men are skeptics in general.”

She says about 90 percent of those who meet with her come back. While many clients are curious about what she has to say about them or ask love or career questions, Maria has noticed a change of late in the client climate.

Their questions “are about the world, the economy. How to weather the coming downturn in jobs. It used to be people were more self-absorbed, but now they seem more concerned about the world.” She believes we’re heading toward a recession and people are scared, as she receives a lot of requests for employment advice, especially notable in intensity for people in their 20s.

When asked about the difference between free will and fate, Maria replied, “We are captains of our souls, but some things are so deeply engraved and written that they can’t be changed.” Maria is a “firm believer in God. God has the first and last word” and she considers herself merely a liaison. She also espouses the power of prayer and the ability of touch to heal.

What about reincarnation? “Absolutely .... The smart, savvy people have been here before and the stupid ones haven’t. [Being here before] gives you a jump start on life.”

Maria is an avid fan of conservative pundit Michael Savage. Regarding the “one nation under God” controversy in the Pledge of Allegiance, she asked: “When only 14 percent want that taken out and the rest want it left in — why are we catering to them?”

This reporter couldn’t help but reply: “Separation of church and state?” (As with the nexus of free will and fate, America is always at the crossroads of majority rules and religious freedom/minority rights. I happen to like Robin Williams’ suggestion of replacing the debated phrase with “One nation under Canada and above Mexico.”)

Despite being of a conservative bent, Maria did not vote for George Bush. Why? She smelled him out as a “traitor and finagler.” And before you get your hackles up, she didn’t vote for Clinton either. Like many, Maria is a skeptic when it comes to politicians, often asking: “Which liar do I vote for this time?”

Maria, who has been consulted by police about baffling cases and has also helped clarify the tragic unexplained deaths of loved ones, has some global advice for Beachcomber readers:

“Don’t invest in the stock market. Don’t buy silver or gold. Hold onto your liquid cash. Have cash stockpiled that you can get your hands on .... [You’re going to] need cash for food and gas. Have a Plan B. When everything is shut down, your credit cards are no good. Pray for America. Pray strong. America is going into mental retardation … Dig a hole, save your cash and pray hard for the United States. The only thing we’re going to have left is prayer.”

Perhaps you’ve noticed that Maria is a very straight talking gal. As she says about herself: “I don’t pull any punches and don’t sugar coat. If you can’t handle it, don’t call.”

But if you would like to call Maria Martinez about a consultation (she also offers hypnotherapy and past life regression sessions), her message number is (714) 539-9676.
The greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing the world that he did not exist.” - Charles Baudelaire (French and monstrous poet).