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Psychic Lazarus tracks down love-cheats
« on: July 26, 2006, 01:19:34 pm »

Jul 24 2006

Robin Turner, Western Mail

A WELSH psychic is using her mental powers to track down cheating husbands and unfaithful wives.

And 39-year-old mother-of-four Diane Lazarus's "psychic detective agency" is also in demand from people who have missing relatives and from animal lovers who have lost pets.

Diane Lazarus won Channel Five's Britain's Psychic Challenge 2006, presented by Trisha Goddard.

More than 2,000 people applied for the show earlier this year in which eight psychics were eventually picked, with one person being voted off each week.

In each show Diane, of Cross Hands, had to complete a number of tasks, proving herself to a number of sceptics and a jury until she was voted overall winner.

After winning, she has been inundated with offers from TV, radio and from people hoping to harness her psychic ability to find missing relatives, partners having a fling, or worried parents asking if she can help trace their missing children.

She has now turned super-sleuth to set up her own detective agency and has hired two ex-police officers to work with her.

She said, "So many people were ringing me and asking me for help that I decided to start up the agency.

"One lady phoned asking where her child was, crying that something awful had happened, and I reassured her.

"I said, 'Don't worry, he'll be back by four o'clock' and, sure enough, he was."

Sometimes, however, Diane has a feeling the missing person may never be found.

She said, "I have to be diplomatic then and the two ex-officers who are part of the agency will go into action looking for clues as to what could have happened.

"I feel I can help give them an edge in their inquiries by picking things up from relatives.

"I get a lot of calls from people who ask me if I can tell them if their husbands or wives are cheating on them.

"It's no good me just giving them my feelings, although they are usually right, they might want photographic evidence as well."

Diane's success in the Channel Five show has landed her a contract with publishers Random House for her autobiography.

She said, "Because I live in a relatively small place like Cross Hands, they want to call it The Only Psychic in the Village but I am all for calling it Why Me?."

Diane says she has had psychic powers since she was a young girl and has harnessed them to help people ever since.

She once helped West Midlands police find the killers of college lecturer Mark Green, after claiming he contacted her from beyond the grave and led her to the identity of his killers.

She sad, "A lady came to me for a reading after her nephew had gone missing and suddenly this guy called Mark came through.

"He told me he'd been murdered," said Diane, who also helped police in the case of murdered TV presenter Jill Dando.

"I could feel his spirit in the room and he wanted me to tell his mum and dad that he had passed over.

"I gave the police in Birmingham information no-one else knew, things they hadn't made public. I think they thought I was a bit mad at first but I knew too much for it to be wrong."

A month later, Mark's body was found.

Diane is happy to work on less high-profile work.

She said, "I get a lot of people ringing me about their lost dog or cat and asking if I can sense if they are still alive or where they may be.

"I'm quite happy to help, being an animal lover myself. I know that many people regard their little pet dog or cat as part of their family."

Psychics have attracted a mixture of scorn and awe through the ages. Here are some of the more famous

Jose Arigo - Born in 1918, this Brazilian psychic-surgeon claimed to be guided by the dead German Dr Adolphus Fritz. Even a spell in jail for illegally practising medicine did not stop hundreds of people coming to him for complex surgery including the removal of tumours.

Helen Duncan - In the 1920s, this Scot became one of Britain's best known psychics.

She was accused of passing off silk sheets as "ectoplasm" in public performances in which she claimed to communicate with the dead.

Jeanne Dixon - When the USA's most popular psychic died in 1997 her syndicated column was carried by 850 newspapers worldwide and she was said to have been an unofficial advisor to several US presidents.

Uri Geller, left - Probably the world's best known psychic and paranormalist. A former Israeli Army paratrooper who was wounded in the Six-Day War, Geller said that at the age of four a bolt of light pinned him to the ground at his Tel Aviv home. He said when he later touched objects such as knives or keys they bent or broke.

Derek Acorah -  The psychic ghost hunter is also an ex-professional footballer from Liverpool. Claims to have a spirit guide called Sam, an Ethiopian who died 1,500 years ago.
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