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Cult Question
« on: August 23, 2006, 11:38:22 am »
Alright as defined in the dictionary a cult covers a very broad spectrum... Why do relgious groups that are exposed for some odd or unacceptable behavior get the lable "cult" and religions like catholism and scientology don't get the brand???

Dictionary def.-a system of religious worship...devotion to person or thing....a popular fashionfollowed by specific people i society

I guess my ? is why did the word "cult" get denoted with a negative meaning?

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Re: Cult Question
« Reply #1 on: August 23, 2006, 12:47:07 pm »

  • Religion from re-ligare, means "to tie back, tie fast, tie up"... to get in contact with God.
  • Religion is a system of faith in and worship of a Supreme Being, or a god or gods... or a system of denial of any god.


  • Sect, the past pass of sectum, means "to cut, divide"...
  • It is a small group which is an offshoot of an established religion.
  • It holds most beliefs in common with its religion of origin, but has a number of novel concepts which differentiate them from that religion.

In practical application, if a "religion" was founded by God, it is a "Religion"; if it was founded by a man or a woman, with a known date and place, it is a "Sect".


  • Cult is the past pass of colere, which means "to cultivate, dwell, worship"; anything to do with worship or ritual.
  • A "religious cult", is a sect with religious "rituals"... if there are no "rituals" of worship, it is a "sect".
  • Like the Sect, "a Cult" was not founded by God, but by a person, with a known date and place.
  • If you think of Charles Manson or James Jones, some cults are very destructive.
  • The "leader" often claims divinity or superhuman powers... "brainwashing", or "mind control", may be used, and the word "exclusive" is an important hook: The only ones who know the truth, the only ones who will be saved, etc


  • is an established religious group, which has usually been in existence for many years and has geographically widespread membership.
  • is a sect or a cult separated from the main religion that lasts in time, and spreads geographically.
  • has always been founded by a man or group of men with a known date and place
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Re: Cult Question
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Much abliged to all :-D