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A Dream of a Great Battle
« on: August 25, 2006, 06:00:07 pm »
This was the most clear dreams I have had ever. And it had a huge impact on my life, I thought I should share it.

I found myself in a large room. The queen (Oonagh) approached me and talked to me as we walked along the room. Then there was light, the room was filled with legions of men in armour and other creatures too wonderful to discribe. Armed with swords and spears and facing the large doors to the room we were in. I walked along the legions facing people until I came to an old man, though old was he, he stood streight and wore polished and shining armour, and held a beutiful sword sheeth by his side. His face was hard, but his eyes were clear and gentle, he also had short beard, grey... And yet silver at the same time. He wore a very odd hat, which was large and round with a purple feather on it.

Oonagh, him, and I talked and the man laughed the most wonderful laugh I have ever heard. He told me that the battle was to be fun, and he feared no death. He was one of the people leading the army.

The queen then looked at the man and I, and then said in a clear voice; "Are you ready to fight a war?"

The legions then began to march out the doors where they stood on a rocky beach facing the north, the water was a greenish grey and it was dark and cloudy. I stood next to the old man and he told me; "The enemies will come from the east." As I looked towards the direction he spoke of, there was a large wooden wall. I got a birds eye view of what was on the other side...

There were buildings and machinery working and tinking, a large door flung open and tanks, jets, and men armed with guns and body armour ran out into the water changing their direction towards the west. When the forces were moving dead on towards each other is when I woke up.

This dream is the most vivid dream I have ever had, and it has impacted my life so much. But I don't know what it meens. I don't know who won this battle, and I don't know what happened to the old man I met, although I have seen other people from this dream. It kept me up last night, and I thought I should post it here to see what others think.


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Re: A Dream of a Great Battle
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Re: A Dream of a Great Battle
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Oonagh is a queen that I have continued to meet in my dreams. I found her name and appearnece through my research. She is a Faery queen of western Ireland, and queen of the Sidhe. I have had glimpeses of the battle underway, but nothing big like this.

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Re: A Dream of a Great Battle
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Okay the dreams seem to be getting more and more extreme now and happen more and more often. I've gone through 5 battles in the past week, have met several head leaders of the Fae and have found the enemies name and his technology and lackies. They call him 'The Beast' and he seems to destroy everything that stands in his way. I've seen his machines and they are very big and look like giant black dogs. I can't explain much here because people are starting to look at me in the gym and I have to leave soon.