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Garfields Haunt Home
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In the 1850s, James and Lucretia Garfield lived in a home in Hiram, Ohio, and some say that they still might.
 The family who owns the house has about 40 years worth of stories.

The first occurrence for the Mallone family happened within weeks of moving in. Relatives were visiting and jokingly asked if the house was haunted.

Dorothy Mallone replied, somewhat sarcastically, "Oh sure, President Garfield walks through here all the time."

Just then, a light in the dining room clicked off. And the spirits have been tripping the lights ever since.

Yes, they've had the wiring checked and rechecked. But after so many years, they've given up on earthly explanations.

 How could you explain a melodeon playing chords by itself, heavy doors opening, closing and locking on their own and a rocking chair creaking, though empty? How about figures lurking and strolling through the house and a crossword puzzle completed during the night while the family slept upstairs?

"I opened up the paper and it was already done; it had been worked out completely," Bruno Mallone said.

A researcher noticed the distinctive "Es" on the puzzle and took it to the Historical Society, which has volumes of papers handwritten by James Garfield.

 "I saw example after example of Garfield's of the Es being made in Garfield's handwriting," Lea Leever Oldham said. "I was pretty well convinced."

Dorothy says that Lucretia and James have become a lot more active since the last week of September.

She claims that her daughter was looking into the living room from the kitchen after a family birthday party and saw a woman dressed in white move across the room to the melodeon. She thought it was her mother, except that the figure was bigger and didn't answer when she called out for Dorothy.

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