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Don't kill the snake!
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Sep 8 2006

Kathmandu- Dozens of children have fainted, apparently because of mass hysteria, after school authorities in Nepal killed a snake, considered as sacred by many Hindus, witnesses said on Thursday. At least 67 students, aged between nine and 16 years, have had fainting fits since Tuesday in the mainly Hindu country, they said.

"Children suddenly scream, cry and faint," Rishikesh Baral, assistant headmaster of the school, said. "Some recover after a couple of hours while others are yet to fully recover. We apologize for killing the snake."

Authorities in the Laxmi Secondary School near the resort town of Pokhara, 125 km (80 miles) west of Kathmandu, organized priests to perform religious rites on Thursday to exorcise the angry "spirit" of the snake killed by school officials last week. Doctors told school officials it was a case of hysteria caused by fear of divine retribution for the snake's death.

Hindus regard snakes as sacred and Lord Shiva, the Hindu god of destruction, is shown wearing a serpent as a garland.

A local journalist said priests scattered rice and sprinkled holy water in classrooms to drive away the snake's "spirit."

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Re: Don't kill the snake!
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Devotes worship female cobra that committed Sati
September 14 2006

Benad (Rajasthan): Devotees are thronging Benad village, located around 25 kilometres away from Jaipur, after hearing reports of a female cobra having committed sati on the pyre of her male consort.

Eyewitnesses say that the incident took place on September 4, after the male cobra was killed by a truck driver.

The driver along with other locals cremated the male cobra as per Hindu cremation rites, when the female cobra suddenly emerged and jumped into the pyre.

A few days later, a woman with a deformed hand came and rubbed the ashes of the snakes on her hand and promised to build a temple if she became normal. And wonder of wonders, she regained what she wished for.

"The incident happened on September 4 when one snake was killed by a truck driver and then cremated according to Hindu rituals. Minutes later, a lady snake came and tried to put out the fire. But when she could not, she jumped into the fire. After days, a woman with a deformed hand came and rubbed the ashes from the pyre into her hands. She promised to build a temple if she became normal.

Later, her hand was fine," said Madan Lal Saini, an eye witness.

Devotees are now visiting the place to pray for the fulfillment of their wishes.

"We have heard of the miracle and came here. It's all about emotions and we have come to see it. We have also revolved around the place," said Adhul Sattar, a Muslim devotee.

The incident is also being looked at as a glorification of the age-old custom sati. The place is also being visited by women in large numbers.

Though the State Government says that they cannot do much about the beliefs and sentiments of the people, efforts are being made to convince them not to follow such blind and irrational superstitious beliefs.

"We have not been successful in convincing people that it is a supernatural belief but we are trying," said Gulab Chand Katariya, Rajasthan's Home Minister.