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I was in this house made of wood and I was hanging out with my husband and some friends I never knew. Anyways all of a sudden these "friends" murdered one of their friends right in front of me! Then they turned to me and said I had to die too so there was no more witnesses. I don't know where my husband went at this point. They had a bunch of sharp knives and chased me out of the house. I ran to this other house where my husband was at and he was sitting at a table drinking coffee. I ran up to him and told him that there were people out to kill me. Just then the killers came busting through the door! They ran over and knocked me and my husband onto the floor and surrounded us. They told me that they were going to kill my husband if they didn't kill me. So I begged and begged for them to kill me and leave my husband alone. Then they stuck a knife up to my stomach and it was so intense, I was screaming "PLEASE DON'T STAB ME! DO ANY ELSE BUT STAB ME! PLEASE DON'T FREAKING STAB ME!!" The fear was SO INTENSE! I was so terrified of getting stabbed (which I am in real life anyways) Then they said okay and took out this huge serine. They injected it into my upper thigh and I started to feel really weird. "You should die anytime now" the killers told me. But I didn't die. After they left I got up and could barely walk. I'm not sure what happened after that....


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