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Castle dream


I dream every night and always remember my dreams in vivid detail, just FYI.

I'm in a huge room, think gold trimmed everything, bright cheery atmosphere, a ceiling impossibly high up and a sense of age coming from the space. I find myself on a stage because I can see that there is a drop-off many feet in front of me. I'm dressed in this leather and cloth mixed outfit, it's quite skimpy, kind of princess Leia ish from Star Wars. I'm also holding a metal staff which I do not know anything about. There is a throne sitting against the back wall. It doesn't have legs though, it is part of the stage, like the creators of it moulded cement up, to create it in one fluid motion. The stage itself is massive but compared to the size of the rest of the room, it's only about one fifth the length.

At the opposite end of the room is a set of double doors on both sides. These open and in file bald, muscled, very tall and blue-tinted skin creatures. They all look very much the same, marching in military fashion and dress. Once they are all inside, the doors close and one 'soldier' in the front row, steps out a few feet. He raises his arm, looking up at me and uses the hand signal to beckon me down. I walk to the edge of the stage and step off. Instead of plummeting to my death, I float gently down and land closely to this person in charge. I look at the staff and think it must be the reason for the soft landing.

I hold the staff out in front of me, my left palm facing outward but I'm not quite sure why. The big man reaches his hand out for the staff and seeing a fearful look on my face from being close to such a creature, he returns one that says 'Are you crazy? Why would I ever hurt you?' it doesn't make me feel any better but I am still reluctant to give up this object of power. He casually says 'No, you'll work up there, I'll work down here.' Hearing this, I turn around and start walking back to the stage. Even without my staff, I float to the stage floor and land safely once more. I do the same thing with my hands while the man holds the staff and his left palm out.

Something starts happening, the floors and walls are shaking. I get the feeling like some great door is opening somewhere in the castle, like in the movies when a heavy stone door causes such a ruckus. When the rumbling stops, both the man and I lower our hands. He seems satisfied and marches with the rest of these blue warriors back out the way they arrived. I'm left standing there like ".....hm....."

The next day...

I'm skipping happily down a random corridor in what I've now deemed 'The Castle.' I have three little fairies flying along with me, above my right shoulder and we're singing sweet songs. We were so enthralled with our fun that the hallway seemed to end abruptly. Now, I'm standing in front of this little half circle table and it has the most beautiful flower that I have ever seen resting in a vase. It is very bright yellow, comparable to the sun, almost too bright to look at. I'm staring at it in awe when I notice this deep rumbling sound. The fairies floating next to me are snickering and I throw them a look like 'What're you laughing at?' I start inching toward the sound and I notice there's a doorway hidden there, like a secret entrance. It's cracked open and I'm now positive that it's the source of the snoring sound. I place my hand on the door, very cautious about what could possibly be behind it when I wake up. . .

I'm not quite sure what this dream could mean but if anyone would like to interpret it, I would definitely enjoy that!



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