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VAMPYR-DHAMPYR: what are the differences?

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VAMPYR-DHAMPYR: what are the differences?

Ok, until I get to do more research on this, does anyone know this?

By monstropedia definition of a vampire is:

and of a dhampyr:

Why this thread? cause the legend goes that only a dhampyr can kill a vampyr.

Trze or false? What do YOU think?

false vaintines,elves(not those short ones those arn't even real),antlanteans,and aquas can all easily kill a vampire if u have any ?'s email me at

That wasnt targeted on a kind of humanoid, there are dampyrs and vampyrs in any humanoid kind. And no, the Chitah doesnt count....

killops,rodes,dargons,dragons,and some types of dragnitites know how to kill a vampire and they're not humanoid
plus vaintines,tolkas,elves and antlanteans cant become vamps
aquas can but they're just like humans except they have 2 stomics(1 for storing energy,not the kind that comes from food but aroras)

A dhampyr is half human and half vampire. The mother is human and the father is vampire and from what i've heard dhampyrs are suposed to hunt vampyrs. I'm not sure about that last part so im sorry to any dhampyrs who might be offended


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