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The Vampire Codex

The Vampire Codex is a document written by occultist and psychic vampire Michelle Belanger for use as the instructional text of House Kheperu ( The prototype of this work was first set to paper in late 1991. A specially printed version was offered to select students in conjunction with the International Society of Vampires beginning in 1995. Later revisions led to the Sanguinarium edition, published by the Sanguiarium Press in October 2000. This version is derived from the Sanguinarium edition which also came to be circulated widely on the Internet.

The Vampire Codex has had a significant impact on the worldwide community of psychic vampires, becoming the fundamental text used by numerous Houses, Orders, Covens, and Clans. It has influenced the teachings of vampire groups throughout the US, Canada, and Western Europe. It has also come to the attention of several noteworthy occult organizations, including the Temple of Set, the IOT and the Church of Satan. (Peter Gilmore, current head of the Church of Satan, expressed his disappointment at Michelle's absence at the New York City release of "V" as he wanted her autograph on the special edition of the Codex released with that work).

As the Kheprian Order has continued to expand and reveal deeper and more complicated levels of its teachings, the Codex has continued to grow since its first underground releases. A special edition written for the Order of the Strigoi Vii was released as book two of "V" October 2003 by in conjunction with Aangel Publishing. An expanded, revised edition will be published by Weiser Books in the fall of 2004. This will be the definitive edition, featuring 108 individual sections broken up into divisions which address psychic vampirism, basic energy work, and advanced metaphysical techniques. The version below has come to be known as the Vampire Codex: Internet Edition and is freely and widely shared with any and all interested parties. It is derived mainly from the 2000 Sanguinarium edition, although it includes a few sections originally left out of that published edition.


This is what it writes about:

I. The Kheprian Charge
II. Beginnings
III. Catalysts of Change
IV. Awakenings
V. Potential
VI. Other Awakened
VII. Fledglings
VIII. The Beacon
IX. Characteristics
X. Subtle Body Changes
XI. Separateness
XII. Basic Feeding
XIII. Breath and Life
XIV. Assimilating Energy
XV. Blood and Life
XVI. Geography of the Energy Body
XVII. More on Feeding
XIX. Dreamwalking
XX. Choosing Donors
XXI. The Kiss and the Curse
XXII. Subtle Links
XXIII. Feeding Through Links
XXIV. Manipulating Links
XXV. Cautionary Notes
XXVI. The Caste System
XXVII. Priests
XXVIII. Counselors
XXIX. Warriors
XXX. Subtle Reality Basics
XXXI. Augmentation
XXXII. Subtle Perception
XXXIII. Manifesting
XXXIV. Nature of the Aura
XXXV. Perceiving the Aura
XXXVI. Energy Manipulation
XXXVII. The Energy Ball
XXXVIII. Augmented Healing
XXXIX. Advanced Healing Techniques
XLI. Shielding Techniques
XLIII. Creating Filters
XLIV. Spiritual Cleansings
XLV. Otherside Beings
XLVI. Creating Change
XLVII. Cycles
A Few Notes in Closing the Codex

I looked at I.The Kheprian Charge looks faily interesting, I'll read the rest later when I have time and get back to you on what I thought.


Interesting, according to this, I'm a Warrior, and Rose is a Priest. Don't take my word for it either. I showed both pages to Rose and she agreed without me prodding her as to which might apply to whom.

 What section was that in? Would this help determine psi vamp gifts?


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