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electric shock a kick in the back!

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When I shocked myself for the first time it felt like a kick in the back after ( Note:- the first was by power point) I realized i could of died and thought woah lucky.Then later in life I got zapped three more times once by power point the others electric fence once by mistake and the other for fun lol *<:)

For fun....   You almost killed your self for fun? ....



--- Quote from: Moloch on September 17, 2006, 10:23:20 PM ---Kids today aren't much more of a danger to themselves or others than I and my siblings were when we were growing up. Though I could be wrong.

--- End quote ---

Maybe not, but in some places, you have no idea... my neighborhood pals could have filmed a Jacka$$ III during February. Those guys do experiments... :spy:

Going through hurricanes isn't that bad - I do too! People joked that soon I'd go hunting tornadoes. Heck no, I just like storms.
Shocks has a fuzzy effect on me, it makes me want to giggle. I know, it sounds weird. The countless times I fiddled with wires in stuff... but you get used to it.
One time - I don't remember how it started - there was a bet if I could swallow a big spoonful of salt. And I won 7 bucks in all. But that wasn't life-threatening (I think so) just plain nasty.

Before I took up the regular usage of illicit substances, I was a quiet, withdrawn, nerdy little child that would play with electricity on a regular basis.
It seems my tinkering in my younger years has caused such damaged to my nerves that being shocked doesn't bother me anymore.


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