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Depressive explosion.

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Six-thirty five eastern time zone in America. Begin mental break down explosion.

Ok, here is some thing you have to ask yourself. I am sure some of you have found friends here, some of you may be close, or very close. Some may be very close that you express yourselves through text to what you are doing to them just to stay sane because you can't be with them... Or you just have some friends here. Bottom line though, no matter what, most of your relantionships on this forums are known only to you.

No one knows you are sick inless you tell them, no one knows fighting with some one while you type inless you tell them, hell no one knows that you are masterbating, looking at porn, or in the process of calling take out... Inless you tell them. So... What happens when you die?

I have been hit by a car many times and hit by a bus. I have saved a young girl, a woman and a old lady. Today I was hit by a car again. I saved a cat and a box of young kittens. For those of you who are close to me, you know my current job is killing me on the inside, here is new information to you all, my right hand has been damaged several times, several cuts and bruises are on it. This job is keeping my hand from healing, it keeps damaging it as well so it doesn't even have time to heal the knicks and scraps I got a few months ago. I am now currently in bed, I am also telling the man that he doesn't need to worry that I am actually use to getting hit and he doesn't need to pay any thing. My side will heal by the time I need to go to work tomorrow, I wish I could say the same for my hand that has its own collection of wounds on it, if those wounds stay much longer they will develop into the first scars that weren't caused by me.

That car was made of metal, that metal was made up of a mix of stone, I can not defend myself against stone. A bullet will kill me. A metalic moving object will kill me. What if.

What if I died, no one would know. You would only know I would be no longering answering any more, most would think I was ignoring or no longer apart of this community. I wonder, how many people on here that stop talking have died. You remember Seth? Several people said she had a demon, she hasn't been on in some time, what if she died, how would we know? Well, I can assure you it wasn't a demon and she isn't dead, but she is a excellent example since as far as I know she only kept in contact with me after the forums.

If you died, no loved one on this forum would know, and would be hurt because you no longer answered them.

I at the moment have very large bruises that will heal by tomorrow, and for what, kittens and a mother cat, you all could lose contact with me for a box of kittens and a cat, think of all the other favors of bad luck could happen to each and every one of us.
I am now putting an add in the news paper to adopt Miss Tybalt Bastet and her litter. I can not take care of them at this moment, yes I gave the mother a last name like a human, hopefully it will stand out and some one will take Miss Bastet and her kittens.

I want every one to know, that this job is killing me on the inside and that looking at my life is not always in favor of continueing every second, but the majority it is, how ever, there are things I do that put my life at risk. I'm known for it here, I think the forums has the right to know I risk my life for many things as well.

Most near death experiences that I have heard are accidents, all mine are because of sacerfice.

Six-forty five Eastern time in America. End mental explosion.

Venting process thirty-four percent complete.

Hang in there man, don't go emo on us. We need at least a semi level head on this forum ok?

but s**t dude, if you've saved that many people, shouldn't you at least get a day off or something?

Oh and i'm sorry... your folks probably didnt gt the jobs, TTYL man.

I'm very sorry to hear that happen to you, I'm glad you're healed now anyways. The storm passes, it always does. *hugs*

Hey buddy, join dah club and dont worry!  :-*

And have a drink, or two, or three... youll see, everything will look be...&%$$ at least until you wake up!  :-D

... You know its amazing how robotic I sound when I am down.


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