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Before he died....


Hello. :) I would like to share the story of my paran while he was sick in the hospital when I was little. My paran had told my family that he was in this place with lushous grass. He said he couldn't describe how clear the air was and how light he had felt. He suddenly heard a voice say something like, "It's not your time." My paran pleaded to stay, but he suddenly woke up back in the hospital. The doctor told him that "we had almost lost you." Shortly after that had occurred, my paran passed away. :cry: My nanny was sad, but she & our family took comfort in knowing he was in a better place now; a place he had visited previously.   0:) RIP Paran, I love you Nanny.

Thank you for reading. To not confuse anyone, paran & nanny means godfather & godmother.  :laugh:

i have to give you props for remembering your family and cherishing them



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