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did u see death when u had a NDE

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has anyone on here seen death itself in anyway shape or form i have it was a bit creepy

i was maybe in middle school when i went to a lake with a few friends out in the country where a lot of people went to swim and have parties and such well the lake was packed and my friend and i were racing in the lake when a bunch of jerks started to jump in the water at us while we were racing and one fell on me and knocked me out which also made me lose air in the process cause he thought it be funny to keep me underwater and well when they found out i wasnt coming up or struggling they freaked and put me on to the shore and give me cpr while i was laying there i saw this dark tall figure in the group and all i heard was "its not ur time kid...maybe next time" and when i came back i asked who was the guy that said that and they all said that there wasnt anyone with them at all

I have a friend who had a near death experiance, he says he saw hell. He aint the type to make stuff up either.

woh really well what happen to him to make him have the NDE and what did it look like in hell cause if im right but im usually wrong there is more then one type of hell

He was shot, hes a Marine, and one of the toughest  s.o.b's  that I know, he didnt waunt  to go into detail about it, I didnt push to hard, hes only told about three people about the hell part, everyone knows he was shot.

all he would say is that it was dark and cold and there were shadows moving around him.

wow thats shocking well good thing he survived that one

doesnt sound like any type of hell i know but still thats real creepy did he at least say anything about hearing voices as he saw the shadows or anything


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