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The Fifth Dimension, opposites

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do you ever wonder if you have an exact copy of you, just an eviler or nicer version of you, pretty much an upside down world everything is reversed, like a coinflip, heads and tails, gimme your thoughts on this ill check back within 2-3 days

Exact opposite? Hmm.... damn it! no hawt mirror image babe to mol- Um i mean get to know!  I honestly wouldn't do anything as dishonorable as that. ^_^

Switch everything?

I will limit my imagination on this one >.<

But yeah... I don't think there is such a thing, but if there were, it would be disastrous... she'd be too sociable, hyperactive and too nice, with yet extremely evil intentions. She'd most likely turn out to be either a serial killer or someone who loves children. XD

Just a little question: Why the fifth dimension? Because the fifth dimension isn't a mirror of reality, it's 2 dimensional time, meaning it's all the different paths our universe's timeline coulda taken...

well i just needed a title i guess, but yes your right the 2 dimensional world, but everything is possible am i correct?

Yeah, everything's possible. That's the fifth dimension, actually, you have every possible timeline for a given universe... but :focus: what do you think about the opposite person thing, Strife?


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