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The Fifth Dimension, opposites

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i believe that there is a coinflip out there somewhere, look at muerte and moloch, 2 sides of the same coin, and everybody has another side of them, at certain points

they are not realy what I would call exact opposites, In alot of ways they are alike, then compleatly different in otherways,

If I had an exact opposite of myself, I would have to kill it, like that movie with Jet Lee, take its power........there can be only one........no wait, thats Highlander.....

lol yea highlander


*cough* alright... I just remembered the guy with an overly deep voice saying "Il ne peut n'en avoir qu'un..." in the french version, sorry...

Jet Li in that movie The One... It was awesome :-P ('Cause ya know, what can be more awesome than Jet Li fighting a superpowered Jet Li, killing him and becoming a god?)

im not a big fan of jet lee i dont like his acting ability but thats just me


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