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how to provoke a NDE?

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I posted something similar on a different thread too, but I tought I'd put it here focussing on the NDE itself.
Long story short, I need to undergo a NDE...
why is this? I need it so I can walk through my soulgate, or at least investigate it...
But just plainly walking in front of a speeding car and such is too risky, it could destroy my body and I would be nothing with the things I would have learned...

Is there a way to get yourself in an NDE on purpose without too many risks involved?

 Uhm.... wow. Really?? It's called 'suicide' and having someone medically trained VERY nearby. And, no offense, it sounds like a stupid idea. Have you thought about trying another method? Letting the crystal pull you in, perhaps...

Moloch suggested me to do self-hypnosis, I think that might work^^

 If you can be hypnotized, yes, it should.

yea that's the hard part, I can get in a sort of trance though, but I would have to cancel out all my senses... I can feel my surroundings by vibrations, I can see the surroundings by sound, I can smell my surroundings... lots more too...
But if I want to get hypnotised I do get less aware at some of those senses though^^


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