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Naughty Whisper
« on: June 18, 2008, 03:35:33 AM »
Hey you, my favourite monstrous people!!!

Ever heard of Naughty Whisper???

If not, then you sure thing will, cause this Psycho glam band is really rockin heavy.

Last weekend your favourite mod  :-D had a pleasure to spend some time with this awesome guys, and I must tell you, if all bands were so ok with giving a chance to be interviewed by the most unprepared person (read:me) this god damned world would be a better place for sure.

  Why do they deserve an article here at monstrous?

                                                                               Cause, my friends, monstrous they are.  <^>

I dont know what is the magic between us, the monstrous people around the world, but we just clicked right away. And it is not cause of the drugs, cause they dont use that s**t for more than four years. Yes, they admit they did it before that. heck, didnt we all?  :roll:

And who are they, for all you people who werent lucky enough to hear their roar!?

Ok, this is from their official site:

Naughty Whisper was formed in June 2000 in Milan,Italy. The band was formed by Ashley X (lead vocals and bass), Lexxy J (drums and backing vocals) and Redox
(guitar and backing vocals).
In 2002 they recorded their first EP "Hot Playz", five songs of pure 80's glam.The EP was a good success and it allowed the band to bring their music to a larger area.
A tour followed the release with dates all over Italy,Slovenia, Croatia and, London. Apart from their own shows, they also supported PrettyBoy Floyd, Faster Pussycat, Tigertailz and Wednsday13.
Some line up changes happened in late 2006 when Ashley decided to focus on playing bass. In Oct. 2006 Andy Star was added to the roster and took over on lead vocals. In February 2007 the group released their latest album, "Psycho", on Blasted Prod. The guys see it as sort of a "transition" album, as it sees the end of their “80's glam” era and being the start of what they call their “Psycho Glam” era.
The band is currently focusing both on promoting their album and writing new songs for a follow up album, due out sometime next year.

Andy Star: vocal
~A regular NAUGHTY person, punk revived, and energetic spirit that I think is possessed by some devilish child demon, always looking for a good prank (and a good peace of ass if you ask me)~

Ashly X: bass
~Somehow strange to see such a nice guy, but silent water crushes mountains, and this bass player was the first to welcome me, a journalist  :roll: to the world of Naughty whisperers. And I like his hair, really!

Lexxy J: drums
~Ok, when I said that I wanted to talk about the gothic side of theirs, all fingers pointed at Lexxy, and it took almost half a second for me to see why. This one really walks with the darkness, and Im not really sure if writing about it would be nice of me, cause ask a wiccan why he is a wiccan is pointless. He was quite surprised to my question: What was your first time you sucked blood? Ha ha, dont you know Nina?  :roll: But, the answer to that I will leave to your own dirty little monstrous minds  :evil:

Redox: guitars
~This one has COOL written all over him, the way he talks, the way he looks at you (if you are a girl), the way he walks... and what a surprise, a fellow you would really want for your older brother... or a friend.... or a boyfriend.... a kind of a guy that holds a silent macho strength and always takes in charge.... a Godfather persona, I would dare to say so...

Anyways, I hope you liked this article, and if so, please, do not hesitate to say. For any more info about the band, you can contact them on: and I advise you to join their Street team, it has a lot of advantages.....

Guys, you rock heavy!!!!

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Re: Naughty Whisper
« Reply #1 on: June 24, 2008, 07:47:36 AM »
Thankss for the article and link, Nina, ever since you posted one of their videos I recall visiting their site (read about them once but it was quite a time ago) and you seem to like them so much it makes me want to meet them too, lol. :-D

Yeah, Naughty Whisper rocks!

Note: Ashly X and Redox are personally the most handsome. (Sorry I couldn't resist. :-D)

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Re: Naughty Whisper
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Believe me, they are the huncks....