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Adelaide Metal.
« on: July 02, 2008, 08:06:50 PM »
Well I thought I'd help support some of the local metal bands.
I'll start of with the one who are situated in Adelaide (where I am) and I might throw in some from around Australia.

Fragmenta- Thrash Metal
Good friends of mine, their myspace tacks are from their EP "The First Assault" so they're a bit ruff

Asphyxia- Death Metal
Also good friends of mine, they've just released their first album.

Saeturnum- Progressive Death Metal
Also good friends of mine, A must check For Opeth fans.

Skintilla- err I don't wanna use the term Power Metal but it best suits them

Morke Sinn- Black Metal
I'm a good friend of their Lead guitarist, their myspace songs are from a live performance.

Australian Bands:

Psycroptic - Death Metal-Tasmania
The best Death Metal band in Australia currently doing a tour of America.

Lord- Power Metal -New South Wales
The best Power Metal band in Australia

So yea I hope you guys check em out, also if you have any local bands to you I might wanna check out post their 'space link (if they got one) and I'll check em out.
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