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Guns and Roses
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The History Of Guns N Roses

February 6, 1962 - W. Axl Rose (realname William Bailey) is born in Lafayette, Indiana. His stepfather's surname is Bailey, but when he discovered that his real father's surname is Rose, William changed his to Rose. The W stands for William and Axl was a band he used to sing in.

April 8, 1962 - Izzy Stradlin (realname Jeff Isabelle) is born in Lafayette, Indiana.

January 11, 1965 - Steven Adler is born in Cleveland, Ohio.

February 5, 1965 - Duff McKagan (realname Michael) is born in Seattle, Washington.

July 23, 1965 - Slash (realname Saul Hudson) is born in Stoke-On-Trent, England.

1979 - Izzy moves to Los Angeles.

1980 - Axl moves to LA.

1981-1984 - Duff joins a band called Road Crew which includes Slash and Steven Adler. He also plays with 10 Minute Warning which includes a drummer called Greg Gillmore who later played in Mother Love Bone from Seattle (MLB also included Jeff Ament and Stone Gossard, both are now members of Pearl Jam).

Slash plays in Road Crew and London. Izzy replaces Slash in London and he also plays with Axl in a band called Rose. The band later becomes known as Hollywood Rose. Axl is in LA Guns and when that band splits Hollywood Rose and LA Guns becomes Guns N' Roses.

1985 - Guns N' Roses' line-up looks like this:

W. Axl Rose (vocals)
Izzy Stradlin (guitar)
Tracii Guns (guitar)
Duff McKagan (bass)
Rob Gardner (drums)

June 6, 1985 - When Tracii and Rob left Slash and Steven joined the band. They start The Hell Tour.

The line-up:

W. Axl Rose (vocals)
Slash (lead guitars)
Izzy Stradlin (rhythm guitar)
Duff McKagan (bass)
Steven Adler (drums)

Fall 1985 - GN'R plays the clubs in LA and record demos.

March 25, 1986 - GN'R signs with Geffen Records.

December, 1986 - GN'R releases a four song EP called "Live ?!'@ Like A Suicide" on their own Uzi Suicide label.

June, 1987 - The band makes their Europen debut at the London Marquee.

August, 1987 - "Appetite For Destruction" is released by Geffen Records. In 1987-88 GN'R opens shows for Alice Cooper, The Cult and Motley Crue.

August, 1988 - GN'R is hired to open for Aerosmith.

August 20, 1988 - The Monsters Of Rock at Castle Donnington, England. Despite stopping the show three times during their set two fans fell and were crushed to death.

September, 1988 - The band performs at MTV's Video Music Awards.

December 6, 1988 - Geffen Records releases "GN'R Lies". The album includes the four tracks from "Live ?!'@ Like A
Suicide" plus four acoustic tracks.A couple of lines in "One in a million" draws negative publicity to the band. When Lies went to number two on the Billboard Chart, the band became the only artist with two albums in the top five at the same time in the 1980s. According to Duff the acoustic tracks were recorded one night in the studio when they were drunk! During December the band played in Japan and Australia.

March, 1989 - "Paradise City" became GN'R's first UK Top 10 single.

August, 1989 - Izzy is arrested for makin a public disturbance (he urinated on the floor, verbally abused a stewardess and smoke in the non-smoking section) on a US Air flight.

September, 1989 - GN'R wins "Best Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Video" for "Sweet Child O' Mine" at the MTV VMA's. Vince Neil (then in Motley Crue) punched Izzy. Axl and Izzy joins Tom Petty for the singer's hit "Free Fallin'".

October 18, 19, 21 & 22, 1989 - GN'R opens for the Rolling Stones at the LA Coliseum. Axl threatened to quit if certain members of the band didn't stop "dancing with Mr. Brownstone".

December 19, 1989 - Axl and Izzy joins the Rolling Stones for a version of "Salt Of The Earth"

January, 1990 - Slash and Duff appears at the American Music Awards. Slash livens things up by uttering four-letter words during his acceptance speech.

April 7, 1990 - Guns N' Roses appears at the fourth Farm Aid in Indianapolis. The set includes a first performance of "Civil War" and a cover of the UK Subs' "Down On The Farm".

April, 1990 - Slash and Duff records with Iggy Pop.

A keyboardist called Dizzy Reed (realname Darren, born June 18, 1963) joins the band.

Axl marries Erin Everly in Las Vegas. They divorce later that year.

June, 1990 - The band's version of Bob Dylan's "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" is released on the "Days Of Thunder"

Summer, 1990 - "Civil War" appears on "Nobody's Child: Romanian Angel Appeal".

Steven Adler is fired. His replacement is Matt Sorum (born November 19, 1960). Matt's band before GN'R was The Cult.

October 30, 1990 - Axl is arrested in West Hollywood for allegedly assaulting his neigbor with a wine bottle.

January, 1991 - Matt Sorum and Dizzy Reed made their concert debuts for GN'R at the "Rock In Rio II" festival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Three minutes before Matt goes onstage in front of 140.000 people, they tell him that he's gotta do a drum solo. And he pulled it off! The band played on two nights to a total of 260.000 people.

May, 1991 - Three warm-up shows were played in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York.

May 24, 1991 - GN'R kicked off their first ever world tour as headliners in East Troy, Wisconsin. Skid Row opened the shows.

July 2, 1991 - While the band played Riverport Performance Arts Centre, St. Louis, Axl spotted someone in the crowd taking pictures. Security didn't respond to Axl's request to remove the person so he jumped into the crowd. When he returned to the stage he complained about the security and left the stage. The rest of the band followed. After this a riot broke out. The band lost their equipment and Axl was charged for inciting a riot.

August 13, 1991 - The "Get In The Ring f**k" tour comes to Europe. The first two shows are been held at the Ice Stadium in Helsinki, Finland. Again Skid Row opens for GN'R. Setlists for the show on the 13th and 14th.

August 16 & 17 1991 - GN'R performs at the Globe in Stockholm, Sweden. And yes, Guns N' Roses was frontpage news. A photographer from Sweden's biggest newspaper, Expressen, took photographs (without permission) of the band while they were in a club. GN'R's bodyguards tried to stop the photographer, but they failed. The "prohibited" photo made it onto Expressen's first page! Expressen gave the shows five out of five. August 16th setlist.

August 19, 1991 - Show in Copenhagen, Denmark. The show went fine until somebody threw a firecracker onstage. Axl told the audience that they wouldn't continue the show until the idiot who did it turned himself in. After a 15-minute break the show continued.

August 24, 1991 - GN'R plays in Mannheim, Germany. This show included Nine Inch Nails and Skid Row as openers.

August 31, 1991 - After shows in Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Germany (the show in Oslo, Norway was canceled) GN'R plays a show at Wembley Stadium in London, England. Here's the Setlist

September 16/17, 1991 - Use Your Illusion I and II are released. The albums debuted at number one and number two on the Billboard charts. They marked the first time a major contemporary rock artist had released two separate albums on the same day.

September,1991 - GN'R performs "Live And Let Die" at the MTV Video Music Awards. The performance was taken from the show in London.

October, 1991 - Steven Adler launched a lawsuit agains the band.

November 7, 1991 - Izzy Stradlin leaves GN'R. His replacement is Gilby Clarke (born August 17, 1962). Gilby, formerly of the band Kill For Thrills, had been playing the same clubs as GN'R.

December 5, 1991 - February 1, 1992 - The second US leg of the tour. GN'R begins to use background vocals and horns. The expanded 12-piece line-up looks like this:

W. Axl Rose (lead vocals, piano)
Slash (lead guitar, backing vocals)
Duff McKagan (bass, backing vocals)
Gilby Clarke (rhythm guitar, backing vocals)
Dizzy Reed (keyboards, percussion)

Ted Andreadis (keyboards, harmonica, background vocals)
Diane Jones (background vocals)
Roberta Freeman (background vocals)
Tracy Amos (background vocals)


Lisa Maxwell (horns)
Cece Worrall (horns)
Anne King (horns)

February 19, 20 & 22 - GN'R in Japan.

April 20, 1992 - GN'R performs at "The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert for AIDS Awareness". They were originally gonna play three songs, but due to technical problems earlier in the show they only played two (Paradise City and Knockin' On Heaven's Door). Axl joined his hero, Elton John, for the duet of the night, "Bohemian Rhapsody". He also performed "We Will Rock You".

May 12, 1992 - Slash and Metallica's Lars Ulrich announced that GN'R and Metallica would tour together in the summer.

May 16, 1992 - GN'R returns to Europe. The first show was in Dublin. My Little Funhouse opens the show followed by Faith No More.

May 20, 1992 - Show at the Strahov Stadium in Prague, Czechoslovakia and first show with Soundgarden opening. An MTV Europe crew interviews the band in the afternoon. The show starts with "Okay, you ex-Commie bastards, get ready to rock!".

May 22, 1992 - Show in Budapest, Hungary at the Nep Stadium. Axl and Slash performs the Hungarian folk song
"Tavasziszel". It's the same song that Queen performed there in 1985.

June 6, 1992 - PPV show in Paris, France. The band is joined onstage by Lenny Kravitz for a version of "Always On The Run". Steven Tyler and Joe Perry from Aerosmith joins the band to perform the Yardbirds "Train Kept A-Rollin'" and Aerosmith's classic "Mama Kin".

Jun 9, 1992 - The Manchester Maine Road show was postponed until June 14th.

June 13, 1992 - Brian May joins GN'R at Webley Stadium to perform "Tie Your Mother Down" and "We Will Rock You".

June 14, 1992 - The rescheduled Manchester show.

June 24, 1992 - Show canceled due to Duff's illness.

June 25, 1992 - Slash, Gilby and Ted Andreadis films the video for Michael Jackson's "Give In To Me" with Jackson in Munich, Germany.

July 4, 1992 - The show at the Vicente Caldaron stadium in Madrid, Spain is canceled because the concrete fabric of the building has been badly effected by aluminosis.

July 12, 1992 - Axl is arrested at the JFK airport in New York, NY. The reason for the arrest is the riot in St. Louis, MI in 1991.

July 17, 1992 - The co-headline tour with Metallica starts at the RFK Stadium in Washington, DC.

July 30, 1992 - Axl is diagnosed as having sustained severe damage to his vocal chords, three shows - in Boston, MA, Columbia, SC and Minneapolis, MN are rescheduled.

August 8, 1992 - Tour resumes at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal, Canada. During Metallica's set James Hetfield is injured by a onstage pyrotechnic. His left arm is badly burnt and Metallica has to stop their show. During GN'R's set Axl stops the show and leaves the stage. Before he and the band return, a riot breakes out.

August 25, 1992 - With Hetfield recovered the tour resumes at the International Raceway in Phoenix, Arizona. Seven shows had to be rescheduled as a result of Hetfield's injuries.

September, 1992 - GN'R performs at MTV's Video Music Awards. Elton John joins the band to perform "November Rain".

September 24 & 30, 1992 - Shows in Oakland, California and San Diego, California with Bodycount.

September 27, October 3 & October 6, 1992 - Shows in Los Angeles, California, Pasadena, California and Seattle,
Washington with Motorhead. This is the end of the GN'R/Metallica co-headline tour.

October, 1992 - Izzy Stradlin And The Ju Ju Hounds releases their debut album on Geffen Records.

November 25 - December 13, 1992 - A nine date South American tour.

December, 1992 - GN'R releases their first home videos. It's a full length concert from Tokyo, Japan.

January 12, 14 & 15, 1993 - Three shows at the Tokyo Dome in Japan. During the show on the 15th Ronnie Wood from the Rolling Stones joins the band onstage.

January 30 & February 1, 1993 - Two shows in Australia.

February 6, 1993 - Axl's birthday and a show in New Zealand.

February 23, 1993 - The "Skin And Bones" leg of the "Use Your Illusion" world tour kicks off in Austin, Texas. This leg sees the band back down to their core of six members and it features a acoustic section in the middle of the set.

February 26 - March 4, 1993 - Four shows canceled.

April 15, 1993 - GN'R are forced to cancel the show at the Omni in Atlanta, Georgia. During the band's performance here in 1987 Axl had been arrested for a scuffle with a security guy. The security guy had been beating up the band's friends in the audience. With Axl on parole for previous offences the show is pulled by manager Doug Goldstein.

April 29, 1993 - Gilby breaks his left wrist in a motorcycling accident, while practising for a celebrity race in honour of the TJ Martell Foundation for leukemia, cancer and AIDS research. The next four shows has to be canceled. The forthcoming Europen shows are in jeopardy, but Axl calls Izzy who steps in for the first five shows.

May 22, 1993 - The first show of the Europen leg of the "Get In The Ring f**k - Round II" tour in Tel Aviv, Israel.

May 24, 1993 - The second anniversary of the "Use Your Illusion" world tour and a show at the Olympic Stadium in Athens, Greece.

May 30, 1993 - Second show at the National Bowl in Milton Keynes, England. Ronnie Wood (the Rolling Stones) and Mike Monroe (ex Hanoi Rocks) joins the band onstage.

June, 1993 - GN'R releases the videos "Don't Cry - Makin' f**k Videos Part I" and "November Rain - Makin' f**k Videos Part II".

June 2, 1993 - Gilby's first show since he broke his wrist.

June 6, 1993 - Second show in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Matt joins The Cult onstage for their last number.

June 11, 1993 - While on tour in Norway Matt visits his ancestral home town of Sorum.

June 16, 1993 - During the show in Basel, Switzerland a naked Shannon Hoon (Blind Melon) walks onstage to deliver a pizza.

July 13, 1993 - Last European show in Paris, France.

July 16 & 17, 1993 - The last two shows of the "Use Your Illusion" world tour in Buenos Aires,Argentina. It's been the longest tour in rock history. The band had played a total of 192 dates in 27 countries. Over seven million people had seen the band perform.

September, 1993 - GN'R made a $2.5 million dollar out-of-court settlement payment to Steven Adler in respect of his
October 1991 lawsuit.

October, 1993 - Duff releases his solo album "Believe In Me" which included Slash, Gilby, Matt, Dizzy and Sebastian Bach (Skid Row) amongst others. Duff begins his solo tour in the US.

November, 1993 - "The Spaghetti Incident?" is released. One of the songs is "Look At Your Game Girl" which was written by Charles Manson. This causes some controversy.

April, 1994 - "The Making Of Estranged: Part IV Of The Trilogy" is released.

June 26, 1994 - Slash plays at the "Night Of 100 Guitars" in London, England.

Summer, 1994 - Gilby Clarke's "Pawnshop Guitars" is released on Virgin Records. Featured on the album is amongst others Slash, Axl and Duff

August, 1994 - Slash joins Paul Rodgers onstage at the "Woodstock 94" festival. They perform "I Don't Live Today" (which they actually recorded in 1993 for the "Stone Free" Jimi Hendrix tribute album), "Bad Company", "The Hunter" and "Alright Now".

December, 1994 - The Rolling Stones classic "Sympathy For The Devil" is released. It's featured in the "Interview With A Vampire" movie.

February, 1995 - Slash's Snakepit releases "It's Five O'Clock Somewhere". Slash's Snakepit is a band that was put together by Slash and it features Slash, Gilby, Matt, Eric Dover (formerly of Jellyfish) and Mike Inez (Alice In Chains).

March 10, 1995 - Duff and Matt joins Steve Jones at the opening of the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. They are the houseband and they're known as Wayne Neutron. Other artists who performed with the band included Billy Idol, Iggy Pop, Bo Diddley, Izzy Stradlin and Seal. This was the show where Neurotic Boy Outsiders were born (John Taylor played at the same show with Duran Duran).

August, 1995 - Slash's Snakepit plays at the Monsters Of Rock at Castle Donnington, England.

November, 1995 - Gilby is fired from GN'R.

August 14, 1996 - Slash played in Budapest, Hungary at the Pepsi Island festival. Teddy Andreadis played keyboards and sang.

August & September, 1996 - Neurotic Outsiders releases their debut album on Maverick Records. Neurotic Outsiders is a band that features Duff, Matt, John Taylor (Duran Duran) and Steve Jones (Sex Pistols). The band tours in North America and Europe.

October 3?, 1996 - Hard Copy (TV-show) did a story on Steven Adler. Apparently Steven have had a stroke in the past because of his drug abuse but he's sober now.

October 16, 1996 - Slash did an online chat. Here's what he said!

Tuesday, October 29, 1996- A fax is sent to MTV saying that Slash is now out of the band. According to the fax that Axl Rose sent to the media. He is saying that Slash is offically out. That he has not had activity with the band since 1994. That he and Slash do share the same musical path. I guess we all are going to have to watch the situation. I think Axl Rose makes Guns-N-Roses look bad get rid of Axl. Slash is the best guitarist that is alive. And Axl got rid of him. Below is a copy of the fax.


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Re: Guns and Roses
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Released Albums Title Label

1986 Live !?*@ Like A Suicide Uzi Suicide Records
1987 Appetite For Destruction Geffen Records
1988 Guns N' Roses Lies ~ || ~
1991 Use Your Illusion 1 ~ || ~
~ || ~ Use Your Illusion 2 ~ || ~
1993 "The Spaghetti Incident?" ~ || ~
1999 Live Era '87 - '93 ~ || ~

Singles (CDs) Title Label

1988 Welcome To The Jungle Geffen Records
1989 Paradise City ~ || ~
~ || ~ Sweet Child O' Mine ~ || ~
~ || ~ Patience ~ || ~
~ || ~ Nightrain ~ || ~
1991 You Could Be Mine ~ || ~
~ || ~ Don't Cry ~ || ~
~ || ~ Live And Let Die ~ || ~
1992 November Rain ~ || ~
~ || ~ Knockin' On Heaven's Door ~ || ~
~ || ~ Yesterdays ~ || ~
1993 Civil War ~ || ~
~ || ~ Ain't It Fun ~ || ~
1994 Estranged ~ || ~
~ || ~ Since I Don't Have You ~ || ~
~ || ~ Sympathy For The Devil ~ || ~