Author Topic: FUSION TIME!!!  (Read 1166 times)

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« on: October 24, 2008, 07:54:37 PM »
My cool friend from another forum gave me this awesome idea: Fuse your favorite songs!!! :-D

The devil went down to Georgia,
He left his friends behind
He was lookin' for a soul to steal--
He was really in quite the bind

'Cos his friends don't dance when he plays his tune,
Devil said, "Then I'll just go,"
'Till he saw a young man sawin' on his fiddle and said,
"I'll take his soul."

Devil jumped up on a hickory stump,
Said, "Boy you're pretty fine,
But I'm a fiddler from out of this world,
I left the real one far behind."

And the Devil held up his fiddle-stick,
Said, "Gotta give the devil his due,
You're real good at one thing,
But how are you at two?"

"The Devil can dance if he wants to,"
The young man quickly said,
"And he can dress real neat from his hat to his feet,
But he won't see me dead."

The Devil said "Well now see here boy,
I surely am quite fair,
I bet a gold fiddle against your soul
You can't dance across this square."

With that the Devil raised his hand,
And a ballroom came in sight,
Said, "As long as we abuse it we're never gonna lose it,"
Boy thought "Everything will be alright."

The Devil let out a wild yell,
Said, "Boy, let's start this show!
Whoever ends the dancin' first
Will be the one to go!"

The boy and the devil ran side-by-side,
Dancing from wall-to-wall,
They danced all night and they danced all day,
Till the place went outta control

The flames danced 'round and round their feet
'Till Hell itself seemed cold;
The Devil grinned and shook his head--
The boy said, "This never gets old!"

The fiddle music played once more,
'Till the boy, he finally gave in
The Devil cried, "Your soul is mine!
I'll take you, for I win!"

And as the flames grew brighter 'round
The young boy's smiling face,
He said, "If this is what Hell's like,
It's my kind of place."

With that the young boy looked around,
At the Devil's grand design,
Said, "My friends up there won't dance with me;
I left them far behind.

The Devil here is pretty good,
But not the best there's ever been--
Come and dance with me again,
Last time I let you win!"
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