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In-Game Clan Logo Needed
« on: June 27, 2009, 07:57:59 AM »
Hello community

I wanted to request a banner/logo for our clan.
We are a clan from the game Regnum Online in the realm Ignis.
We are the "evil" realm, and that's exactly why I am here.
I need someone with experience in photoshop to make a clan logo for us.
I don't know how to repay the person, but you will make around 50 people(our clan) very happy.
I will also post our old logo just to give you a idea.

Our clan's name is "The Dark Legion" and is a must have in the logo.
Try to add "Ignis" too, since that's the realm we play in.
You may also add "Regnum Online" to it, but that's optional.
Try to make the logo in the middle and some space(other pictures) around.
Try to stay in the colour Red
I will also post a picture of the forum itself, try to make it fit in as much as possible.
Our realm character desing is made from dark elves, humans and moloks.
We perform black magic and dark spells.
This is how some of the charcacters looks like.

Try to make it look as evil as possible, and a bit high quality, since it will be on the main page of our clan forum.
Also, no porn or rape in the picture, we have kids as young as 12 years in our clan.

Sorry for any bad English and also I apologize if Mayday! was the wrong forum to post in.

Oh yes, I repeat. There will be no reward or payment for this job, this request is for someone that wants to practise their photoshop art or that are just bored.

Thank you for your time.

Dannboy, High Council of The Dark Legion.

Our old clan logo:

Our clan forum:
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