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Giant squid autopsy


Scientists at Te Papa have carried out an autopsy on the world's largest squid, revealing findings eagerly awaited by the scientific community.

The squid, first seen two months ago, was untangled from its preserving box and pieced together.

"Hopefully we're going to find remnants of padegonian toothfish and whatever else we find in there is going to be a first," says Dr Steve O'Shea

Howeve the coroner's report is expected to raise more questions than answers.

The purple stomach lining does tell them the squid is probably transperant in the water and its waste system leaves a little to be desired.

The biggest mystery is how the squid makes her babies and for now the scientists can only guess.

Before the autopsy the squid was pickled for about seven weeks - and the smell in the room was overwhelming.

But it is not enough to put off the experts who hope to publish their findings by the end of the year.

The Tick:

The giant squid is such a mystery to men. Even today information about the creature is few and far between, but with advances in technoligy the scientific world will push themselves into the squides nestling ground by the time I am out of collage the stage will be set and The Tick will capture and put this creatur in captivity for study. I will amaze the world and this is not for fame my passion is to fully understand these great beasts. I do apolagise for any misspellings. :twisted:    


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