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Giant Squid FOUND

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This thing was caught on tape, alive.

BBC news
National Geographic

Coming from a fishing community, I have heard stories but a real tape? Has it been proven to be an un-edited tape?

Devious Viper:
Yup. Gen-U-wine article. Caught on camera by a Japanese research team I seem to recall. It eventually lost one of its tentacles which was recovered and is being studied.

~ Viper ~

That's awesome. Are they going to eat it?

Devious Viper:
A 60 ft specimen was discovered off New Zealand in 1851 - it would have provided enough calamari to feed 2000 people  :shock:

Another giant squid has just gone on display at London's Natural History Museum. Thirty feet long, caught alive by a trawler fishing at depths of around 700 ft, off the Falkland Islands (South Atlantic) in March 2004. Nicknamed "Archie" (the species' scientific tag is Architeuthis dux ), his full story is available at HERE

~ Viper ~


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