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Spoiler Tags
« on: June 13, 2006, 04:37:29 AM »
Please remember that we have members from the US, W Europe, E Europe, the Balkans, Asia and Australasia! TV scheduling varies widely (Supernatural, for example, is only now approaching the end of season 1 here in England) so using spoiler tags in some posts is sometimes desirable.

Quest has provided the following information (cheers, mate!) about how to insert spoiler tags in your posts:

A way of hiding spoilers:

[quote ][ color=#4D4D4D]Place text here. [/color ][/quote ] Highlight the text to read the spoiler

Just don't place the spaces in with the quote  and color and it's brackets

It looks like this

The spoiler is in here.
Highlight the text to read the spoiler.

The text blends in with the background color of the quote box. 

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Re: Spoiler Tags
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Thank You Viper
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Re: Spoiler Tags
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Thast very clever when I saw it in the Dr Who topic I thought "Ha, class."