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new here, but wondering, is this a chupacabra?

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if it's not, can you identify what it is?

I don't think that's a chupacabra, aren't they more land based?  As for what that is or meant to be I can't quite say.

That does not look real, if it is, I'm never swimming in the ocean again!! That is not a chupa (assuming they exist).

Chupacabra are land based.  Some accounts say that they are quadrupeds, and some say bipeds, so I think the current train of thought is that they kind of do both (like a bear).  Most accounts I've read say that they are gray and hairless, although sparsely-haired black and brown ones have been reported in the past.  The common feature seems to be location: central America spreading into the southwest US.

That looks like some kind of crazy looking angler-fish.  Actually it looks like a really well-crafted puppet...  I can't see how something with that physique could survive.


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